AI DATAPORTAL_ARCH OF LIGHT – Ouchhh Studio in Milan

On December 31st, 2021, and January 1st, 2022, an historical art installation never seen before will star the famous nineteenth-century monument known as the Arch of Peace. Ouchhh Studio, an art collective based in Istanbul, will video-map the entire monument’s surface with a digital artwork created by instructing an artificial intelligence algorithm and entitled AI DATAPORTAL_ARCH OF LIGHT.

Ouchhh is a multidisciplinary creative studio specialized in data paintings & sculptures that intertwines and revisits the variety of contexts and experiences from art, science, and technology, integrating them into public spaces. The team consists of engineers, academics, creative coders, designers, media artists, motion graphic designers, video mapping experts and other talented individuals from different backgrounds but with one synced vision to create epic public experiences.

By using artificial intelligence (A.I.), Ouchhh has created more than 50  immersive artworks so far that have been displayed all over the world in major cities like Tokyo, New York, LA, Beijing, Seoul, São Paulo, and many others, receiving prestigious awards and prizes for its Artech projects.

Worthy mentionings are AI DATA DARK MACHINE and Atlas Ocean Data, made in collaboration with CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) and Les Bassins de Lumières of Bordeaux, respectively. The first artwork focuses on understanding dark matter. During the creative process, the artists selected data recorded by CERN’s particle accelerator, particularly those collected precisely during the collision of two subatomic particles, an infinitesimal process that human senses cannot perceive. Ouchhh created an artwork that is nothing more than the artistic vision of this complex process.

In contrast, OCEAN DATA is an immersive artwork designed for Les Bassins de Lumierès, a former German submarine base during World War II, now converted into the world’s most extensive digital art center. Ouchhh studio collected millions of data from the North Atlantic Ocean, particularly from the Bay of Biscay, to return an immersive installation evoking the fluid and constant movement of the sea. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the artist collective aims to raise awareness and make people think about current issues through art, such as the environment and nature.

On this occasion, Ouchhh Studio created a digital artwork, AI DATAPORTAL_ARCH OF LIGHT, projected on the historical monument’s surface, making it the perfect intersection of art, science, and technology. The intent was to celebrate the Italian cultural heritage through technical innovations and prove that innovation is not an enemy of tradition. The artwork results from the algorithm reinterpretation of over 20,000 artworks belonging to different artistic movements, from Byzantine art to contemporary Italian art; it also includes the annual data of the map of the Italian firmament collected by NASA and over 700 years of digitized literary heritage. Great masterpieces of Italian art history by masters such as Raffaello, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Tiziano and many more, come to life in an entirely new artwork that combines art with science. By using data as paint and the algorithm as a brush, Ouchhh Studio aims to connect the physical with the digital world, redefining the future of art.

The event is curated by Reasoned Art, the first Italian gallery dedicated to cryptoart, founded by Giulio Bozzo and Andrea Marec in January 2021. Reasoned Art curates and showcases cryptoart exhibitions, certifying and selling digital artworks via blockchain and NFTs technologies. The gallery aims to bridge the traditional art world and the emerging cryptoart ecosystem through an onlife approach that eliminates the barriers between the real and the digital, the physical and the virtual.

Reasoned Art wants to promote a new way of living the art industry by creating a valuable and transparent ecosystem that combines tradition (physical exhibitions, editorial content and art criticism) with innovation (processes and sales methods).

Edoardo Durante


AI DATAPORTAL_ARCH OF LIGHTOuchhh Studio, AI DATAPORTAL_ARCH OF LIGHT, artwork preview – courtesy Reasoned Art

Ouchhh Studio, AI DATAPORTAL_ARCH OF LIGHT, 11 min – courtesy Reasoned Art

Ouchhh Studio, AI DATA DARK MACHINE – courtesy OUCHHH Studio


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