Art Verona 2022: NEXT section for young artists

Art Verona 2022: NEXT section for young artists

Do you know what is great about fart airs? It may be a provocative question, in response to which the most correct answer would be: the works on display. Instead, for me the answer is: to see how many young artists have reached the goal of being represented there!

Seeing an artist grow and knowing he/she has reached this point in his/her career is always something to note for those in the sector, for those who care, for those who write.

For example, this year at Art Verona, I found a nice round of young artists in the NEXT section, which was born as a special space within Art Verona dedicated to galleries that present and promote up to three talents from the most recent generations, giving the opportunity to discover the most innovative artistic languages.

Turning around this section I immediately noticed more studied stands, almost better than the ones in the other sections, with good and fresh works in some cases and even excellent in others.

The young artists’ names to keep in mind I noticed in the NEXT section this year are: Damiano Colombi, Chiara Calore, Veronica De Giovanelli, Francesca Banchelli, Pier Luigi Scandiuzzi, Andrea Grotto, Mattia Barbieri, Federica Zanlucchi, Antonio De Luca, Valentina Biasetti and a few others.

What does being a young artist mean today? I have a feeling that it doesn’t mean anything, considering that some of these artists have already turned forty; in short, a stupid label that does not really serve anyone.

So in my opinion NEXT is passed with full marks; I found the fair itself improved compared to the last editions and that beautiful project by Stefano Arienti at the entrance is something that accompanies you pleasantly, along with interesting curating work for the various sections. I strongly believe that Art Verona can enter the top three of Italian fairs, but at the moment it seems to me that there is still work to be done, as far as the results can be seen, and how, NEXT is proof of this.


ArtVerona 2022, Next, installation view stand Daniele Agostini gallery, Lugano ph. courtesy ArtVerona

ArtVerona 2022, Next, installation view stand Acappella, Napoli, ph. courtesy ArtVerona


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