Confidence in the uncertain: Samantha Passaniti...

Confidence in the uncertain: Samantha Passaniti’s solo show at Curva Pura

“I bloom just for myself and not for others, I bloom because this satisfies me: in my blooming and in my being there is all my joy and my voluptuousness”.
Arthur Schopenhauer, Parerga and paralipomena, 1851

Uncertainty seems have become, during these times, the constant overseeing the progression of current events. The latest outcomes of Smanatha Passaniti’s research, presented in her solo show titled Confidence in the uncertain, curated by Giorgia Basili at the Curva Pura art space in Rome, seem to face that perception of indeterminacy deriving from a present marked by collapsing systems and social organizations in their final state. The exhibition, open to the public until April 6th, represents a useful moment in order to understand the current status of the artist’s research, in which, by recording the mutation of some aesthetic features, it is possible to foresee plausible horizons. Overall, author has always focused on defining points of compatibility between the quality of the materials, their shapes, their organic characteristics and related metaphorical implications. So, concerning artworks creation, the used components also outline a sort of objective correlative, almost causing a total overlap between artistic practice and the category of existence, questioned by itself. The used materials, indeed, being of natural origin, therefore sensitive both to its own endogenous changes and external influences, do not force the artworks in the inalterable limits of a definitive appearance. By this way, as conjugated to the gerund, they are open to the effects of a silent, minimal and incessant dialogue between the action of the surrounding and the reaction of the artwork; fundamental feature for the reading of the whole shown body of works.

As Passaniti’s experimentation has always shown, articulated matters, through research, can be sublimated according to essential expressive modalities but, not for this reason, they result less suitable for facing complex issues. In the exhibition, this feature appears clear and recognizable, thanks to the implicit, indirect, collateral and subliminal way of getting expressed, distinctive of artist’s language. A chromatic spectrum so light as to render the cheating of monochrome qualifies the appearances of materials – in some cases ephemeral – rhythms the moods of surfaces, surrounds the environment, suggests symmetries between an artistic position and another one, in the middle of an exhibition arrangement which, spontaneously, dictates the reading times. Overall, the stylistic proposal owns a perceptible factor of differentiation, both regarding the outcomes here available and concerning to artist’s operational background. This variation can be denoted in details such as the shaping of supports, using pigments in a pure powdered state, the meaningful relationship with space and, first of all, in the maturity of not being affected by those borders, more and more vain, still addressed to divide – wrongly – jurisdictions of painting, sculpture and installation.

According to these ways, the artist, in this case, outlines a nomadic aesthetic in the technical location but coherent in the visual identity, from which, even in the evident chorality, in the exhibition project economy, the two site-specific interventions emerge. Designed to build a connection with the architecture of Curva Pura, they are Unstable ladder, which repeats the unsure appearance of a ladder worn by time and addressed towards the indefinite, and Uncertain floor, which reproduces the ruins of a bumpy floor where, nevertheless, in this slow collapsing, life finds condition to flourish. Confidence in the uncertain is open until May 2nd; enjoy your visit.


Samantha Passaniti. Confidence in the uncertain
6/04/2021 – 2/05/2021
Spazio Curva Pura
Via Giuseppe Acerbi, 1

For all the images: Samantha Passaniti. Confidence in the uncertain, installation view at Spazio Curva Pura, Roma. Photo: Marco Passaniti


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