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Performance is an ephemeral and elusive language and in this indeterminacy probably lies its intimate and at the same time collective appeal. CORPO – Festival of Performing Arts was born in 2011 in Nocciano, a small town near Pescara, following a research carried out from the exhibition SeCreAzioni: from Piero Manzoni to the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy (Museum of the Arts Castello di Nocciano, 2009). The project involved the exhibition of works united by the concept of organic material, directly or indirectly present in the works on display. The artistic direction of the Museum then wanted to continue the reflection on the body, which was then rooted in a place thanks to its experimental characterization, to give rise to unprecedented connections between the territory and Performance Art.

Circo della Luna, San Giovanni Teatino (CH), location of the fourth edition of CORPO.doc, photo Isa De Luca

CORPO follows a line of continuous development, involving institutions and entities on the regional and national territory, and dealing with themes related to the contingent reality.From nurture to the art market, from historicization to migration, the efforts of CORPO and the artists involved oscillate between the need to create a memory of transient actions and the possibility of manifesting, often also in raw, sign-like and evocative ways, personal and universal issues and traumas. This multifocal dynamism is a symptom of how important is the connection that the artist-performer establishes with the audience, in different ways, and gradually moving from a condition of sole author and agent to that of curator or director. In addition to this, the new publication CORPO.doc Performance di origine controllata by the curator of the Festival Ivan D’Alberto (2024), retraces in a punctual and clear way the various stages faced, focusing on the period from 2015 to 2024, undocumented from the editorial point of view. During these nine years, in fact, the event acquired a new artistic direction, which already in 2014 passed to CAPPA – Centro di Archiviazione e Promozione della Performing Art (Pescara), with which the desire to raise public awareness of the enjoyment and appreciation of contemporary art was consolidated. Also emerging from the text, it is the progressive and happy openness to media that intersect with performance, often used directly by the artists, such as video, photography, painting, sculpture or installation.

“Luigi Presicce, “Deriso”, drawing by Marco Pace, photo and courtesy of the artist

Since 2021 CORPO has three new sections, which complement and broaden the scope of the research work, placing performative actions alongside other visual testimonies, to lead the audience into a more articulated process. From that edition, in fact, the concept of archive and documentation is strengthened, with a survey of past performance experiences (document); however, the intention to promote performance through the projects of young artists (horizons), is also strengthened. With community, the project aims to establish an even stronger network with public and private institutions nationwide. In the 2024 edition, titled Bibbidi-BODY-dy boo, fa la PERFORMANCE tutto quel che vuoi tu, the work starts from the short-circuit between performance and magic, with a focus on the concept of transformation, in which the magical dimension is clear from the choice of the place, a circus tent inside a forest.

Tommaso Buldini, “Demoniaco”, 2024, photo and courtesy of the artist

The audience enters totally into the performative experience, thanks to all the elements arranged to create an estrangement between real and non-real, in a fairy-tale atmosphere in which Cinderella/Performance is read in a political key, emphasizing its primary role among artistic languages. Deriso is Luigi Presicce‘s tableau vivant, influenced by the circus presence of clowns: here the theme of the “comic” fall is addressed, which in this case takes place out of a mockery of the individual, that is, the artist, also paralleled with the Christ, who in the action is undermined, ridiculed and surrounded by lights that blind him. Tommaso Buldini‘s work is Demoniaco, in which his practices as video animator, set designer and designer converge. Indeed, the show delves through animated painting into an esoteric and introspective dimension.

Rachele Montoro, “Medita perché non sei ancora morto”, 2023, photo and courtesy of the artist

Rachele Montoro, a young performer from Campania, works on the sphere of personality, including numerous elements that contribute to its perception and discovery. These include, above all, astrology, a fluid and multifaceted structure between the real and the illusion, which allows her to establish an open gateway with the viewer, through ritual and ceremonial, in this case it is Astrology matters but don’t trust people with the same venus, they wanna catch you. Contact is at the basis of a process of constructing oneself and one’s identity, one that is rich in possibilities, and one that does not necessarily imply an unambiguous and tangible choice, but rather gives us the power to project ourselves in multiple directions.


Bibbidi-BODY-dy boo, fa la PERFORMANCE tutto quel che vuoi tu
18 – 19 May 2024
Il Circo della Luna – San Giovanni Teatino (Chieti)


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