Digital art and NFTs: 10 Instagram accounts you sh...

Digital art and NFTs: 10 Instagram accounts you should follow

NFTs: Non Fungible Token, expressions that are unique, not replaceable. Their uniqueness is documented by a digital certificate, based on the blockchain technology. They could be anything digital, like a GIF, a video, a tweet. And of course a digital artwork. NFT art can’t be hung in the living room but it’s authenticated and sold through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. That’s the reason why it is also know as cryptoart. And if we are talking about future and digital world, the Metaverse and Instagram are at the forefront. Many NFTs artists are building a community on Instagram, social network with over a billion users in the world and that visual arts has always used as a free place to exhibit.

Here are ten Instagram accounts you should follow if you’d like to know better the connections between digital art, NFTs, blockchain technology, social media.

Are NFTs only a funny game for who is not able to properly draw? Emanuele Dascanio, twenty years of experience in figurative art, hyper realistic artist worldwide known for his extremely accurate realistic painting, launched his first NFT on Superrare, one of the most influential online marketplace for crypto art. “Getting so out of my comfort zone made me free from my hyper realistic artist label to get into a world of extreme and fluid creativity…”

Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple in the online world, is an American graphic designer who creates a variety of digital artworks. His name was probably the first one to get viral when digital art and NFTs became a thing. Described by Christie’s as “a visionary artist at the forefront of NFTs”. He debuted in the NFTs world in 2020 and his artwork Everyday the first 5000 days, a collage of images from his series Everyday, has been sold for 69.400.000$ in March 2021 becoming the world’s seventh most expensive artwork of a living artist and the first NFT sold at Christie’s.

Yes, crypto art museums and galleries already exist. One of them is the Museum Of Contemporary Digital Art. The MOCDA’s mission is to advance the position of digital art in a global context through curatorial insight and education.
“The future of the crypto art market” is how the digital art marketplace define itself. Here is where you find the most international successful NFTs artists.

Well known traditional painting artist, he’s became one of the first Italian crypto artist. His digital artwork reveal their analogue origins with a clear painting process and they have been called phygital artworks.

Born in Italy, graduated at European Institute of Design in Milan, artist, designer, art director of international projects, chief curator at Superrare.

Matteo Milleri, also founder of the soundscape duo Tale of Us, based in Berlin. He created an NTFs project to connect music and digital art. “Anyma is my creative self expression that melts music, art, augmented reality to explore the next stage in the conscience kingdom” Milleri said.

Her Instagram account’s bio says: “Elise Swope Surreal iPhone Artist since 2011 – Video, NFTs, and more” NFTs artist based in Brooklyn with a great online community. And it all started on Instagram with a smartphone in her hand. Now her art is on billboards, in commercials and on mood board at agencies across the world.
LGND is a highly curated #NFT digital arts platform built by artists, for artists. Currently showing Andre Oshea, a 29 years old 3D designer who has already collaborated with Snapchat, Vogue, John Legend, Netflix.

Women artists and NFTs united in this online community celebrating inclusivity and equal opportunities, founded by NFT artist and illustrator Yam Karkai.

Valentina Riccò

4. Resurrectio autem Magdalenae, composition frame, courtesy of Emanuele DascanioEmanuele Dascanio, Resurrectio autem Magdalenae, composition frame, courtesy of the artist

Elise Swope, Displaced: giraffe in the city, courtesy of the artist

Fabio Giampietro, Shades of dusk, courtesy, courtesy of the artist


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