Letizia Cariello. Fuso Orario

The Studio G7 gallery starts its new collaboration with Letizia Cariello in the Fuso orario (Time zone) exhibition, the artist’s first solo show in Bologna focused on the investigation of time as a link between the physical body and the spiritual body. Letizia Cariello’s poetics are expressed in the creation of artistic devices capable of evoking a dimension of listening and care, designed to operate a mending function between the fluid inner time and the outer one that collides with the material aspect of existence. Letizia Cariello’s manipulations on existing objects or images are always aimed at identifying relationships, lines of force, loneliness, bonds, emotions and fragility that characterize the human existential dimension, with a particular attraction for things left in suspense.

The artist makes concrete objects by proceeding by focal points, placed as cornerstones of an invisible system in order to untangle the complex stratification of psychological, physical and emotional levels that intertwine every moment of our life. To give a body to the intangible nature of the objects of her research, the artist conceives her works as if they were mediation tools between the internal space of individual thought and the external one that we physically inhabit: the energetic relationships underlined by the now iconic red thread, the interventions on the photographs and also her most recent reflections on the support intended as a sculptural solid manifest in different ways the same architectural intention aimed at creating each time a different place of spiritual intimacy.

The exhibition is structured by the dialogue between two specular installations made with different materials and formal languages, both inspired by the astral map that immortalizes the meeting between Jupiter and Saturn which took place last December 21 with the entry of the Earth into the Age of Aquarius. The two constellations of works, which entirely occupy the two large opposite walls of the gallery, translate into a spiritual and cosmic dimension the reflection on the bonds that have always distinguished the artist’s poetics through a mapping of energy centers which, while precisely indicating the constellation created in the meeting between the two planets, do not intend to impose any rules or structures. The astrological datum that constitutes the source code of these works is only the formal and poetic tool that Letizia Cariello uses to place the visitor at the center of an ideally mobile and protected space in which the energies of the interior are free to relate to the outside world by activating a process of subtle osmosis. All the positions of the elements have therefore been conceived as visual stations that suggest a meditation practice aimed at reuniting terrestrial time, in its different time zones, to the time of the archaic ego and the ethereal world. Approaching the spiritual sphere through the biological and emotional resonances of colors and lines means for the artist dealing with the unconscious and with the uncertainty of an immaterial dimension that can only be perceived and intuited.

In the site-specific work entitled Sistema Sottile, Letizia Cariello’s personal research also enters a new era: the thread that connects the nails driven directly into the wall, highlighting links and correlations, is no longer just red, but appears in seven different colors attributable to the different nature of the energies active in the human being, while the environmental vocation of the installation, which requires real space and not just mental space to expand and be effective, is directly functional to the inclusion of the observer in the heart of the structure . The energy lines generated by the shapes and colors are here organized in a composition that could recall a model of rational mechanics, a graphic representation used to calculate the balances between the forces in action in relation to their respective joints. If rotational dynamics studies the phenomena in which bodies rotate around a point or axis by measuring the reciprocal relationships between a force and its point of application, the artist’s wall interventions identify moments that chain time in constant tension between forces, which are made explicit by the red thread without any crystallization intent.

The second unpublished work in the exhibition is the installation consisting of seven sculptures from the Volumes series (inverted solids in wood with some painted facets) placed at different heights on the wall so as to form a relational scheme similar to that of the previous work. Each of them is surmounted by a different element from the Calendars series (polychrome marble discs on which the artist engraves circular sequences of numbers and letters linked to the passage of time). At first glance, one is almost surprised by the unsettling compatibility between two objects with such different material and stylistic characteristics, one modernist and rational, the other natural and archaic, but then it is understood that the strong point of connection within each couple is the fact that the colors of the matched elements bring back to the same energy fields, strengthening each other. The numbers and letters engraved in the marble represent the initials of the dates starting from the day on which the artist sets a goal and begins her performative exercise of writing and mental concentration on the time to come. As in Sistema Sottile, the instant – moment is identified in a point from which the measurement – abstraction starts. Through this process Letizia Cariello estranges herself from the society of the moment to visualize the different energy gradients that draw the course of the interactions of the body of the mind with the outside world.

The reflection on time and on the complexity of the levels on which the human being develops guides the artist in the elaboration of a language conceived as a search for the most direct strategy to detect the emotional, cognitive and spiritual components of man and as an instrument of synthesis of the moments that regulate the rhythm of their changing intensities. Letizia Cariello’s works suggest an idea of ​​space-time to be visualized as a field of possibilities crossed by energetic leaps that convert into colors and are dotted with volumes that mark distances, where the concept of time, understood as coercion on existence, is annihilated in a positive abandonment to the energetic resonance of chromatic vibrations and to the impossible computation of the future.


Letizia Cariello. Fuso Orario
a cura di Leonardo Regano
9/04 – 5/06/2021
Galleria Studio G7
Via Val D’Aposa 4A, 40123, Bologna

Letizia Cariello, Shlomit, 2021, red wool thread, nails with square head, variable dimension. Photo Alessandro Fiamingo, courtesy the artist and Galleria Studio G7, Bologna

Letizia Cariello Fuso OrarioLetizia Cariello, Fuso orario, exhibition view. Photo Alessandro Fiamingo, courtesy l’artista and Galleria Studio G7, Bologna

Letizia Cariello, Fuso orario, exhibition view. Photo Alessandro Fiamingo, courtesy the artist and Galleria Studio G7, Bologna

Letizia Cariello, Fuso orario #5(I), 2021, wooden volume hand painted, engraved marble disk, volume cm 52x34x25, marble Ø cm 35. Photo Alessandro Fiamingo, courtesy the artist and Galleria Studio G7, Bologna


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