Mattia Pajè. One day all of this will be yours

Mattia Pajè. One day all of this will be yours

“An exhibition that I think very few emerging artists would have dared to do in Italy today”. In this way Saverio Verini, curator of the project, defines One day all of this will be yours (Un giorno tutto questo sarà tuo), first Mattia Pajè’s solo show in Rome. Hosted in the spaces of smART Foundation – pole for art, the exhibition, opened on 27th November and publicly available until next 20th March, coincides with the outcome of a five months residency period spent by Pajè in the venue of the foundation. Therefore, so reaffirming the support of smART in favor of emerging artists of the Italian scene traced through a series of events held over the past two years, this extended presence inside the exhibition space led him to conceive an exhibition of seven new artworks.

Confirming the author’s inclination to conceive every project in close relation to the contexts he has to interact with, at first glance, immediately emerges the heterogeneity of the used techniques and expressive tools, ranging from installation to sculpture and printing, as well as from clay, to steel, to PVC. This eclecticism reflects, consistently, the interpreter’s marked aptitude for experimentation. As a matter of fact he appears so loath to the customs of statutes and nomenclatures, to decide to free himself from a definite working identification. Indeed, manifesting a remarkable level of interdisciplinarity, his corpus of works, extended and diversified, includes paintings, sculptures, installations, multimedia and performances.

In this circumstance, we see him using clay leaving it as in an uncomplete state, hybridizing painting with the photographic image, citing pseudo sciences with an ironic spirit and inserting the energy of animal species in his creations, sometimes even alive while others just depicted. Nevertheless, in so much aesthetic plurality, he undoubtedly reveals great ability to give a shared sensibility, a sort of common denominator, albeit in different ways, to all the works. It is a hidden sense of indetermination and potentiality, of vagueness and imminence at the same time, where everything seems to be able to change at any moment. In this way, the artist demonstrates how to an identical expressive need can correspond different but equally valid solutions to arguing its contents effectively. The displacement of the artworks inside the exhibition rooms seems to have been designed to give back exactly this feeling, with the works that suggest relations of discontinuity and contamination, arriving to set up an engaging stylistic dialogue.

Reflecting, therefore, on a same condition of suspension, expectation and potentiality – the same to which the title seems to allude – it is possible to understand how this exhibition owns, thanks to the articulated visual language produced by Mattia Pajè and to the relative emotional feedback, holds the never obvious ability to open to uncertain questions instead to entrench behind easy answers.


Mattia Pajè. One day all of this will be yours
28 November 2019 – 20 March 2020
curated by Saverio Verini
Fondazione smART – polo per l’arte
Piazza Crati 6/7, Roma

Mattia Pajè. Un giorno tutto questo sarà tuo

For all the images: Mattia Pajè. Un giorno tutto questo sarà tuo. Installation view at Fondazione smART – polo per l’arte


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