Metamorphosis by Laura Benetton: between art and s...

Metamorphosis by Laura Benetton: between art and science

The exhibition Metamorphosis by the artist Laura Benetton has opened at the Hub/Art gallery in Milan on 10 March 2021. Curated by Greta Zuccali and Laura Pivetta, art advisor and founder of ArteMea, the exhibition presents the artist’s latest works, the result of a research rooted in the scientific investigation of light, colour and movement. The artist’s through the Master of Art and Science at Central Saint Martin University in London currently explores this research as well as the relationship between the human being and the world around.

The title of the exhibition already places the visitor in the middle of a creative process pursued by the author with scientific discipline. Metamorphosis is a work that investigates the relationship between nature and art: where colour and movement intersect, dynamic and sophisticated contemporary works emerge, the result of the fusion of aesthetics and technique.

Where it all begins. In the middle of the exhibition room, a display case draws attention to the practices behind Laura Benetton’s work. Sketchbooks and drawings, a taxidermic bird’s wing and then signs, lines and colour studies. An enclosure that embodies the gestures that dominate the artist’s practice and become crucial to the final work.

When Albert Einstein was asked what art and science had in common, these were his words: “Having reached a high level of technical competence, science and art tend to merge into aesthetics, plasticity, and form.” This extraordinary relationship between creation and scientific discipline is the goal of Laura Benetton’s research.

Looking beyond the glass of the case, the works on the walls fly free. “The pulsating centre of Laura Benetton’s art is the Action, understood as abstract decomposition, whose primary matrix is colour. The brushstrokes are vibrant and tend to create a sensation of strong determination: by superimposing chromatic units of different intensities, the artist defines parallel movements in continuous evolution” writes author Livia Sambrotta into the exhibition catalogue.

The works define the rhythm of the exhibition and the gallery space becomes more intimate and contemplative in the neon room. Here, in the absence of natural light, the artist explores the generative power of abstraction by integrating acrylic materials with the use of neon, whose challenge is to create a strong involvement of the viewer.

The inspiration is butterflies, in particular the Morpho species common in Central and South America and characterised by an iridescent metallic blue tint. Shapes and shades in nature expand beyond the physical limits of the works, and with the use of low-consumption led lights, the artist allows her interlocutors to interact with the energy of her gesture and the becoming of her aesthetics. She creates an interior environment in which visitors can reflect and rebuild the harmony that has been lacking for too long.

The exhibition Metamorphosis will run until 30 June 2021. Digital content is available on the Hub/Art gallery’s Instagram, Facebook and YouTube page.


Metamorphosis di Laura Benetton
10 March – 30 June 2021
Open by appointment
Monday – Friday 9:00-18:00
Saturday 10:00-13:30

Overview Metamorphosis – Courtesy Hub/Art Gallery Photo Fulvio Martello-McVector Ltd

Overview Neon Room – Courtesy Hub/Art Gallery Photo Fulvio Martello-McVector Ltd

Laura Benetton, Lilac Kora, 2020, acrilico, spray e neon su tela, 160 diametro. Courtesy Hub/Art Gallery Photo Fulvio Martello, McVector Ltd

Cover image: Dettaglio di Lilac Kora, 2020, acrilico, spray e neon su tela, 160 diametro. Courtesy Hub/Art Gallery Photo Fulvio Martello, McVector Ltd


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