The fifth edition of the biennial art exhibition “PERSONAL STRUCTURES” will be hosted and supported by the European Cultural Centre from May the 11th to November the 24th 2019. The exhibition will present a wide selection of works from artists, photographers, sculptors and universities from all over the world in Palazzo Mora, Palazzo Bembo and Giardini della Marinaressa. The artists showcasing their projects in Venice come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and are in different stages of their careers. It will be presented an extensive combination of internationally renowned artists together with emerging ones who have in common their dedication to contemporary art in the broadest sense. The exhibition will show a vast spectrum of presentations created through a wide array of media and techniques. The aim of each exhibitor is to illustrate an authentic and subjective reflection on the topics of “Time, Space, Existence”.

Since its beginnings in 2002, the project “Personal Structures” has been conceived as an open platform where artists could present works and thoughts in exhibitions, symposia and publications, as well as an occasion to document the wide diversity of contemporary art nowadays.  “PERSONAL STRUCTURES – Identities” aims to show commonality and difference of the reflections around the topics of Time Space and Existence, creating a stimulating and vivid dialogue.  While the reflections around these topics can generate other themes, the participants have been asked to focus on the concept of identity. In fact, this is a theme which is in constant change though the time, due to many factors, including the space where we spend our lives and the personal life experience of each of us.

The very idea of “Identity” today is therefore extremely fluid. Many people don’t ask themselves anymore questions like “Who I am?” or “Who do I want to be?”; instead we tend to define ourselves through the fear of what we don’t know or understand. For these reasons it’s vital for all of us – as individuals, community members, men, women etc. – to start asking those questions again and keep reflecting on the various meanings of this topic.

Each location dedic​ated to the exhibition offers a specific atmosphere.

The rooms of Palazzo Bembo mainly hosts solo presentations and site specific installations. This year, among the others, we’ll see artworks by Lincoln Townley (GBR), Federico Uribe (COL), Manfred Bockelman (AUT) and Nobuyoshi Araki (JAP).

Palazzo Mora presents a large variety of projects and researches in dialogue with each other. It has been renewed the collaboration with the artists Ariela Wertheimer (ISR), Arnulf Rainer (AUT) and Herman Nitsch (AUT) among others, as well as with the MIT University (USA). Moreover it will be possible to see unreleased selected works of artists such as the award winning photographer Marcus Bleasdale (GBR), the surrealist painter Jon Jaylo (PHI), Purvis Young (USA), one of the main proponents of the Urban Expressionism and many others.

Giardini della Marinaressa is again largely dedicated to sculptures and site-specific installations and will host many presentations, including the hyperrealistic women of Carole Feuerman (USA). Moreover, the ECC-Italy will host again a selection of National Pavilions from La Biennale di Venezia. This year the collaboration with the country of Seychelles and Kiribati have been renewed and for the first time in Palazzo Mora it will be showcased the Mozambico Pavilion.

PERSONAL STRUCTURES – IDENTITIES ​(11​th​ May – 24​th​ November 2019) is open on hours:  Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mora, 10:00 – 18:00. Closed on Tuesday  Gardens of Marinaressa, 10:00 – 18:00 open all days. Free entry.    Press Preview (upon request): 9 & 10 May 2019, 10.00 – 18.00  Opening Event: 9 & 10 May   18.00 – 22.00 Palazzo Mora and Palazzo Bembo   17.00 – 20.00 Giardini della Marinaressa


PALAZZO BEMBO Ika Abravanel (ISR) • Detlef E. Aderhold (DEU) • Mark Amerika (USA) • Anoma (LKA) Nobuyoshi Araki (JPN), • Murielle Argoud (CHE) • Art Gallery Tolstoy (RUS) • Atelier Morales (FRA) • Cheryl Goldsleger – Augusta University (USA) • Laila Azra (IDN/SGP) Mario Basner (USA) • Curator’s Voice Art Projects (USA) • Manfred Bockelmann (AUT) Francois Bonjour (CHE) • Annette Bonnier (USA) • China Blue (USA/CAN) Solan Chiu (HKG) • Vio Choe (KOR) • Jeongyun Choi & SON IL (KOR) • Young Min Choi (KOR) • Lori Cuisinier (USA) • Deakin University – David Cross and Cameron Bishop, Public Art Commission (AUS) • Giò Di Busca (CHE) • John Doing (CHE) • Nina Dotti (YV) • EVA (RUS) • Andrea Fried (ARG) • Hideharu Fukasaku (JPN) • Justin Garcia (USA) • Sarah Gold (NLD) • Christopher Griffith (USA) • Marinka Groendel (NLD) • Teo Chai Guan (SGP) • Tilney Hardiment (GBR) • Camomile Hixon (USA) • Julie Hsieh – Yen-Fu Kuo & ChienHsing Lien (TWN) • Hélène Jacubowitz (BEL/ISR) • Xuan Jing & Sharon Tsai (TWN) Ervin A. Johnson (USA) • Georges Kachaamy – American University of Dubai (LBN), Jessica M. Kaufman (USA) • Virginia King (NZL) • Helen Kirwan (IRL/GBR) • LL Editions Sam Nhlengethwa, Nandipha Mntambo, Blessing Ngobeni & Mbali Dhlamini (ZAF/SWZ) Sérgio Leitão (PRT) • Eric J. Lee (USA) • Zinaida Lihacheva (UKR) • Sherman Lin (CHN) Davor Ljubicic (DEU) • Olga Lomaka (RUS) • Frank Mann (USA) • Arnaud Nazare-Aga (FRA) • Karl Ohiri & Riikka Kassinen (GBR/NIG & FIN) • Hans Christian Ohl (DEU) • Helga Palasser (AUT) • Martina Reinhart (AUT) • Jim Rattenbury (ESP) • Orestis Seferoglou (GRC) • Claudia Schildknecht (CHE) • Eva Schjølberg (NOR) • Tineke Smith (NLD) Wanda Stang (DEU) • Wendy Steiner (CAN/USA) • Betty Susiarjo (IDN) • Hanna TenDoornkaat (GBR) • Gotlind Timmermanns (DEU) • Lincoln Townley (GBR) • Federico Uribe (COL) • Dr. Héctor Valdés (CHL) • Marc Vinciguerra (USA/FRA) • Wendy Wahl (USA) Wild Flag Studios (CAN/GBR/USA) • Salma Zulfiqar (GBR).

PALAZZO MORA Aamir Habib & Noor Ali Chagani – Antidote Art & Design (PAK) •  Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (POL) • Emiko Aida (GBR) • Leca Araujo (BRA), (AU) – Arvee, Meg den Hartog Naerebout, Vanhorck (NDL) • Petra Barth (USA/DEU) • Katerina Belkina (DEU) • Patrick Bermingham (CAN) • BIRDSEYE – Brian J. Mac, FAIA (USA) • Marcus Bleasdale (GBR) William Bloomfield (USA) • Eyenga Bokamba (USA) • Peter Bracke (BEL) • Aliette Bretel (PER) • Brooklyn NY Art Wave (JPN/USA) • Christopher Capriotti (USA) • Adriana Carambia (ARG) • Esteve Casanoves (ESP) • In Hyuk Choi (SKO) • Insook Choi – Salford University (KOR/UK) • Bob Clyatt (USA) • Jacopo di Cera (ITA) • Barbara Downs (USA) Mark Dziewulski (UK) • Alberto Echegaray Guevara (ARG/ESP) • EVA & ADELE (DEU),VALIE EXPORT (AUT) • Feromontana (AUT) • Jared FitzGerald (USA/CHIN) Puma Freytag (CAN), Andras Gal (HUN) • Erin Genia – MIT (USA) • Beatriz Gerenstein (USA) Sarah Gold (NLD) • Elena Gual Baquera (ESP/GBR) • Gunnar Gundersen (NOR) • Joan M. Hall (USA) • Karin Hannak (AUT) • Carl Martin Hansen (NOR) • Kathryn Hart (USA) Juergen Haupt (DEU) • Elizabeth Heyert (USA) • HIHEY (CHN) • Yumiko Hirokawa (JPN) Ania Hobson (GBR) • Jean-Marc Hunt (GLP) – Joël Nankin (GLP) & François Piquet (GLP) • IMAN – Instituto Mazeredo de Arte Nova (BRA) • Jon Jaylo (USA) • Igor Josifov
(MKD) Shunsuke Kano (JPN) • Lina Karam (FRA) • Azad Karim (SVN) • Miwako Kashiwagi (JPN) • Nadia Kisseleva (RUS) • Ute Krautkremer (DEU) • Jan Kuenzler (DEU) Anne Kuhn (FRA) • Marietta Patricia Leis (USA) • Ping-Cheng Liang (TWN) • Norma E. Lopez (COL) Loughborough University (GBR) • Lorenzo Maria Monti (ITA) • Stephan Marienfeld (DEU) Walter Markham (USA) • Marcello Martinez Vega (DEU/ECU) • Walter McConnell (USA) Joseph McDonnell (USA) • Chris McMullen (USA) • Pamela Merory Dernham (GBR) – Cyrus Tilton (GBR) & Sanjay Vora (GBR) • James Michalopoulus (USA) Lorenzo Maria Monti (ITA) • Niwako Mori (JPN) • Müller & Sohn Art Projects (DEU) Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla la Mancha (ESP) • Soraya Abu Naba’a (DOM) Raffy Napay (PHL) • Jackie Neale (USA) • Hermann Nitsch (AUT) • Reka Nyari (USA) Jan Oberg (SWE) • Natalia Ohar (UKR) • Yoko Ono (JPN) • Roman Opalka (POL) • Gregory Orekhov (RUS) • David Pace (USA) • Tomasz Padło (POL) • PAPER Pavilion (GBR) Maria Pavlovska (RUS) • Daniel Pešta (CZE) • Christine Kowal Post (GBR) • POW Ideas (MYS) Olga Marie Polunin (SGP) • Martin Praska (AUT) • R. Berte & Dr. M. Proepper (DEU) PSJM (ESP) • Arnulf Rainer (AUT) • Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DEN) Patricia Reinhart (USA) • Rene Rietmeyer (NLD) • Iggy Rodriguez (PHL) • Herb Rosenberg (USA) • Yoshiko Saito (JPN) •  Brigitte J. Schaider (DEU) • Sarah Schrimpf (DEU) • Joakim Sederholm (FIN) • Martine Seibert-Raken (DEU) • Bianca Severijns (NLD/ISR) • Antonio Sorrentino (ITA) • Samuel Stubblefield (USA) • Studio Palazzo Inzaghi – Irmfried Windbichler, Ruth Riedl & Jolana Skacel (AUT/EU) • Isaac Sullivan (USA) • Sung-Kyun – Goo & Vania Oh (KOR) • Merab Surviladze (BEL) • Toto Takamori (JPN) • Sho Tsunoda (JPN) • Katja Tukiainen (FIN) • Urban Studies Lab – UDDI – Federico Puggioni (THA) • Judith Unger (USA) • Guy Van den Bulcke (BEL) • Sanja Vatic & Daniela Danica Tepes (SVN) • Arika Von Edler (USA) • Maxim Wakultschik (BLR/DEU) • Val Wens & Tony Bond (IDN/AUS) Ariela Wertheimer (ISR) • Willem de Kooning Academy (NLD) • Maria Wolfram (FIN) • Lu Xinjian (CHN) • Rada Yakova (NLD) • Karou Yamamoto & Kouji Ohno (JPN) • Purvis Young  (USA) • Andre Chi Sing Yuen (DEU) • Meng Zhou (CHN).

GIARDINI DELLA MARINARESSA Masoud Akhavan (IRN) • Carole Feuerman (USA) – Laurence Jenkell (FRA/ISR) • Idan Zareski (FRA/ISR) presented by Bel Air Fine Art, Richard Bell (AUS) • Nadim Karam (LEB) Anton Kerscher (DEU) • Georg Loewitt (AUT) • Olga Lomaka (RUS) • Clifton Manghoe (NLD) • Manuela Mollwitz (DEU/CHE) • Kumari Nahappan (SGP) • NONOS – Mercedes & Franziska Welte (DEU) • Gregory Orekhov (RUS) • Andreas Rimpel (DEU) • Barbro Raen Thomassen (NOR) • George Tobolowsky (USA) • Tristan Vyscok (FRA) • Maritta Winter (DEU/CHE).

Info:   ​

Info:   ​

personal structuresNobuyoshi Araki – Monster Paradise – 2018

Marcus Bleasdale – Bedroom – 2013

Ervin Johnson – #InHonor: Shoccara – Arnika Dawkins Gallery – 2015

Lincoln Townley – The dealers – 2018

Carole Feuerman – Strengt – Bel-Air Fine Art – 2017


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