The polyhedric world of Tarin’s muses: the show “I...

The polyhedric world of Tarin’s muses: the show “Interno 11”

The millenials depicted by the ink of successful storytellers such as Sally Rooney, Megan Nolan and Ottessa Moshfegh appear imprisoned in the cosmic dilemma between what they could be and what they fail to be, question not at all resolved in the relationships with their peers. On the opposite, when observing the muses portrayed by Tarin in the exhibition “Interno 11”, on view until 27th November at Dr Fake Cabinet, one has the impression of standing before aware and self-confident women, able to fit with fair play our current times. 

Tarin, “Francesca”, 2021. Inkjet print on Baryta paper. Courtesy the artist

It is impossible not to identify ourselves with these cheeky and attractive girls, portrayed in a powdery-scented boudoir, with natural yet teasing looks. The scenography certainly contributes to the elegance of the result, and Tarin manages effortlessly the objective, in virtue of her artistic experience and competence matured from the realm of fashion. The result emerges in elegant and glossy shots where the black and white and the tones of the bodies are clearly emphasized by the analog, interpreted both with the Polaroid and silver salt prints. Surely, their appearance is static, but they are full of personality: much less plasticized and serial than those of Vanessa Beecroft, which vaguely reminisce the images by Helmut Newton. Muses of our days, ideological sisters of the girls portrayed by Rita Lino or Tokyo Rumando, although each with a well-defined stylistic code. Tarin’s muses are, moreover, enriched by the golden and inlaid frames in which the works are exhibited – skillfully chosen by the photographer herself, they confer each shot a fascinating d’antan allure.

Tarin, “Interno”, 2018. Inkjet print on Baryta paper. Courtesy the artist

Tarin’s research on the female body perpetuates the same leitmotiv from 2008, declining it in different settings, such as the external and dynamic ones of the previous work “Guiltless”, in the “Girls Love Bar Basso” section, in which the muses moved in unconventional sets, and in environments full of energy, together with their strength and simplicity.

Tarin, “Kri”, 2008. Inkjet print on Baryta paper. Courtesy the artist

Of different magnitude is the reportage made by the photographer during the 59th Venice Biennale, which later became the exhibition “Art Tales” in the project room of the Marignana Arte Gallery, still in Venice. In this case, given the completely different type of work that allowed the shots to be more immediate, the artist abandoned the analog, switching to the digital using a Xiaomi 12 Series mobile phone given by Davide Lunardelli, Head of Marketing of Xiaomi Italia, thanks to a project in which Giovanni Audiffredi and Paola Caterina Manfredi also collaborated. Despite the usual attention to the situations and poses, to which her characters are nonetheless unconscious, the shots present a more dynamic style, which is not less interesting or attractive.

Tarin, “Francesca”, 2021. Inkjet print on Baryta paper. Courtesy the artist

Tarin’s work is known and appreciated in Italy and abroad. It was published on “Le Dictateur” no. 3, a special issue for the Tate Modern in London, and on “Le Dictateur” no. 4, a special issue for the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. In 2019, she exhibited her works in a solo show curated by Umberta Gnutti Beretta, and more recently she was displayed at the Antichambre Act2 in Paris at an exhibition curated by Denis Curti. Sky Arte has also dedicated to her a documentary entitled “Lady Tarin: Next Girl”, shot by Giovanni Troilo. She has published three monographs with NFC editions: Private Rooms, Tarin and Guiltless. The latter will be presented at the Dr Fake Cabinet on 24th November 2022 at 6 p.m.; during the event the photographer will entertain the public chatting with Nicolas Ballario.

Silvia Ionna


Tarin, Interno 11
27/10/2022 – 27/11/2022
Dr Fake Cabinet
via San Francesco da Paola 12/d, 10123 Turin


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