Houda Bakkali presents “Loving Dulcinea̶...

Houda Bakkali presents “Loving Dulcinea” at the Casa de Castilla La Mancha in Madrid

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Date(s) - 23/04/2022
10:00 am

Casa de Castilla La Mancha en Madrid


Houda Bakkali will exhibit “Loving Dulcinea” at the Casa de Castilla in Madrid. In this annual meeting, the digital artist Houda Bakkali will exhibit the piece “Loving Dulcinea”, a tribute to the figure of Dulcinea that will be on display throughout the Don Quixote reading day. A digital artwork that presents a dreamlike figure, an essential and beautifully idealized character through a setting that invites reverie and in which the marked pop accent, characteristic of Bakkali’s works.

Image in English:

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