Denudare Feminas Vestis, international exhibition ...

Denudare Feminas Vestis, international exhibition of contemporary textile art in Como

In Como, the exhibition DENUDARE FEMINAS VESTIS, XXXII MINIARTEXTIL, an international group show of contemporary textile art in San Pietro in Atrio, can be visited until 3 September 2023, organized in conjunction with the celebrations for the two thousandth anniversary of the birth of Pliny, curated by the critics of artist and director Clarita Di Giovanni flanked by Sergio Gaddi, well-known art critic and curator from Como who is also responsible for the selection commission. The 54 works placed on suspended bases in the central nave (all in the 20 x 20 cm format) and the large-sized works on the walls, offer a quantity of technical solutions, mixtures of materials as well as refined subtleties such that one leaves full of pleasant suggestions.

Antonella De Nisco, Bacobosco, 2023, courtesy Arte&Arte

They range from the weaves of dry grass and yute with net drapes and aluminum wire in Chiara Aldeghi‘s Il velo da sposa to the dress La sirena veste by Antonio Bernardo obtained with tulle, cotton and cardboard. From La veste della regina di cuori, made of plastic, silk and cotton threads by Silvia Cibaldi we move on to Risveglio by Loretta Cappanera, a hand-sewn and embroidered work on red silk fabric and the X-ray plate inside the skin, made with threads and fabrics in silk by Maria Barbara De Marco. and lurex (Intus ed in cute).

Chiara Aldeghi, Il velo da sposa, 2022, courtesy Arte&Arte

Many and many Italian artists and from the world. There is Omaggio alla venere di Willendorf made of cotton, polyester, needles, seeds, paper (from erotic magazines) by the Swiss Gabriela Brugger and there is stitched embroidery, silk threads, metal threads that go compose the little dress by the Argentinian Jorgelina Alesandrelli with the buttons that suggest the title Omaggio alla venere di Willendorf, and the other Argentinian Victoria Diaz Saravia with her Construccion textil nr 21 (preformed linen gauze, sewn with cotton thread, suspended a brass support. Japan is represented by Chiaki Dosho with Spirale del tempo, an ancient silk and cotton kimono, Germany by Stephanie Geiger with her Gaia, wax, paraffin, silk-organzine, canvas, fish fin. Finland is represented by Paivi Vaarula with Core (dyed fabric, polyurethane, polyester, natural dyes), Russia by Olga Teksheva with Hidden Treasures (flowers, fishing line, metallic thread, crochet, hand embroidery on textile collage, Latvia by Zane Shumeiko, with Uterus (mixed technique, human hair, threads), Poland by Anna Wieckowska-Kowalska with J.Woman (her own technique, embroidery, sewing, cotton, silk, pins). And so on…

Anne von Freyburg, Who’s bad (after Fragonard, Venus with Cupid), 2022, courtesy Hofa Gallery, London

Among the works on the wall, that of the guest of honor of Miniartextil stands out, the Zimbabwean artist Moffat Takadiwa, who exhibits two works, The red line (2022) and Black circle (2023), which will then be exhibited at the 60th Biennale di Venice, in the Zimbabwe Pavilion. These are tapestries created with tiny pieces of plastic, computer keys, chosen from the thousand waste of one of the largest landfills in the country, that of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. Then we have the aerial work by Kato Kimyasu, architect and sculptor. Kinu is a work composed of a single steel wire that draws a female figure with a counterweight stone, resting on a needle-pointed fulcrum and spinning moved by the air. And again Alessandro Lupi (B.N., 2010), who works with light, space-time, as well as Yari Miele with luminescent strings for his Ninfea and the site specific installation Bacobosco by Antonella De Nisco composed of a tangle of trees to form a dense forest of female figures. And Anne von Freyburg with Who’s bad (after Fragonard, Venus with Cupid), 2022, in which paintings created with acrylic ink and then translated into hand-stitched fabrics and sewing techniques that give the work an almost bodily presence. Impossible to mention all the works, but it is undoubtedly an exhibition to be seen.


A.A.V.V. Denudare Feminas Vestis
06/08/2023 – 03/09/2023
San Pietro in Atrio
via Odescalchi, Como
curated by Clarita Di Giovanni e Sergio Gaddi


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