Fourth edition Of Extra Ordinario at the Volcano A...

Fourth edition Of Extra Ordinario at the Volcano Agency in Venice Marghera

On 9 September, the Antares pavilion at VEGA in Venice Marghera opened its spaces to show the results of the research conducted by the artists during the summer period. The event, focused on painting practice, will enliven the pavilion’s spaces until 22 September 2023 with a parterre of over one hundred artists (students and established artists of Atelier F) coordinated by Daniele Capra, Nico Covre, Carlo Di Raco and Martino Scavezzon.

AA.VV., Extra Ordinario, installation view, photo credits Modolo Ylenia for Juliet

For the fourth (and possibly last) edition, we see a direct collaboration between Vulcano Agency and Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, aimed at a joint research on aspects of individual and collective creative experience. What most stands out is a general interest in the development of a methodological language of the visual arts that has yet to be codified. The focus of artistic practice starts from the dialogue of the image that develops from each and confronts the other, forcing the artist and the observer to reflect on how one communicates and how what is expressed is received. The outcome of this process is definitely something unexpected that shows an ability to go beyond the simple representation of the figurative to favour a return to reading the informal.

AA.VV., Extra Ordinario, installation view, photo credits Modolo Ylenia per Juliet

Extra Ordinario is therefore a place that allows and encourages comparison and growth between public and private, highlighting how, in the creative and educational field approaches, strategies and experiences must be shared and mutually supported. The workshop born in the months following the first lockdown, from the need to share and revive such a large space, is the story of an unconventional project developed from the will of an agency to give life to an unprecedented dialogue, a collaboration between realities that would appear to be at the antipodes: that of the company and that of the art world.

AA.VV., Extra Ordinario, installation view, photo credits Modolo Ylenia per Juliet

Vulcano is a creative agency that operates internationally, it boasts a solid collaboration with artists (Adrian Paci, Regina José Galindo, Tomás Saraceno, Igor Grubić, Giuseppe Stampone and Francesco Vezzoli, among others) and has decided to create a link with the artistic community in the area by supporting a large number of the emerging artists from the artistic and cultural scene in the city of Venice. Atelier F is an established reality in the contemporary art scene. It has been active for more than twenty-five years as a genuine Venetian art school that originated from the painting course of professors Carlo Di Raco and Martino Scavezzon at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. The research of Atelier F is based on a continuous relationship between the languages and poetics of the different personalities present, who independently develop innovative content, constantly retracing the assumptions and practices that constitute the foundations of the painting experience.

AA.VV., Extra Ordinario, installation view, photo credits Modolo Ylenia per Juliet

Unlike previous editions, the artists felt compelled to take advantage of the large space offered by the Antares pavilion increasing the size of the canvases as it has been announced that this will probably be the last edition of the Workshop, which has been attended over the course of its editions by over a hundred artists. During the opening, however, it was expressed that the workshop, beyond the space in which it will be hosted, will continue in a new experience.


Extra Ordinario Workshop IV edizione
09.09.2023- 22.09.2023
Padiglione Antares- Vulcano Agency
Via della Libertà, 420-746, 30175 Venezia


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