INTERFERENZE: Cinzia Campolese, Pietro Catarinella...

INTERFERENZE: Cinzia Campolese, Pietro Catarinella and Federico Polloni at NP-ArtLab, Padova

Last time I was in Padua, I saw an exhibition of dubious taste in a corner of the city run by an elusive curator also of dubious abilities, who sold everything as an innovative act. I’m talking about several years ago and thanking the heavens Padua has made some beautiful exhibitions and events, but I have always thought that beyond the museum or private events, the Paduan art galleries were few, and above all that they created easy exhibitions, something to be given to the public without glory or depth.

INTERFERENZE: Cinzia Campolese, Pietro Catarinella e Federico Polloni, installation view at NP-ArtLab, courtesy NP-ArtLab, Padova

I had heard about NP-ArtLab a few months ago, and it was the artists I follow as curator who told me about it, but also an someone during an interview (but this is another story), so I decided to visit it. But as rarely happens, I was anticipated by the NP-ArtLab staff who invited me to visit their latest group exhibition entitled Interferenze. How was the project born? At the basis of the design idea of ​​NP-ArtLab and its founder Neri Pagnan, the importance of intermedia and the aesthetic and conceptual dialogue between emerging, mid-career and historicized artists. The space has a headquarters in Padua and a branch in Milan and has so far carried out three projects, the second of which is Venice Time Case, which has been talked about a lot in other locations in recent months. The NP-ArtLAb is located within a historic space that has been refurbished and which goes very well with the activity and with the project in place. I immediately realized upon entering that this project has a soul and a beating heart, one of those very rare projects where you feel without asking too much, that it works.

Cinzia Campolese, “Couldyoutakeapictur”, 2022, modified LCD, electronics, courtesy NP-ArtLab, Padova

Interferenze is a group show with three protagonists: Cinzia Campolese, Pietro Catarinella and Federico Polloni, artists from different generations engaged with different themes and media: as in the intentions of the founder of NP-ArtLAb, the aim is to talk about the diversity of the contemporary but also of the history that should be remembered. The works on display reflect on the physical concept of interference: a superimposition of two elements with the relative possibility of adding up or canceling each other out. The reference goes to every effect of the superimposition of two phenomena of the same nature which implies the possibility of a mutual disturbance. Interference is considered as a relationship by Cinzia Campolese, as an overlap by Pietro Catarinella up to Federico Polloni’s altered vision towards metaphysical worlds. The exhibition develops with a look at the digital in which the human presence persists and mixes through distorted visions.

Pietro Catarinella, “Anamorphic painting (red throat)”, 2022, digital print and oil on canvas, 99,6 x 134,5 cm, courtesy NP-ArtLab, Padova

I go to Padua much less than I would like but today it was really worth it because everything really deserves attention from the project of the space, to the works, to the intensity of those who started and want to continue this reality up to the ritual chatter to learn more about how exhibitions and projects are born. I found this reality and the Interferenze exhibition really interesting, something that is not always up to par in the Veneto art landscape, but this is not the case. Here we are dealing with great quality on all fronts and if you allow me some advice, mark this space in your agenda, very soon it will amaze you with other exhibitions of equal beauty and innovation.

Federico Polloni, “Stato alterato di ordinario declino”, 2022, site-specific installation, detail, courtesy NP-ArtLab, Padova


INTERFERENZE: Cinzia Campolese, Pietro Catarinella e Federico Polloni
22/10 – 26/11/2022
Vicolo dell’Osservatorio 1/C 35122 – Padova (PD)
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