Man, play and evolution at the Almareni Space in P...

Man, play and evolution at the Almareni Space in Palermo

From 25 September to 15 October 2021 Spazio Almareni in Palermo, a multifunctional exhibition location in one of the most elegant and strategic areas of the city, hosts the group show Il Gioco Riflesso curated by Marilena Morabito, Aurelia Nicolosi and Floriana Spanò, as part of the program of the Week of Cultures.

The exhibition collects the works of ten artists (Dario Agrimi, Blink, Simona Cavaglieri, Luigi Citarrella, Cristina Mangini, Martin Emshermann, Susy Manzo, Lorenzo Pacini, Salvo Rivolo, Vittoria Spoto) united, thanks to their personal stylistic predisposition and own experiential / creative path, from the interest in subjects linked to the playful component in the most varied facets. Some works refer directly to the theme of the game, in others it is veiled by further suggestions, the interpretation of which allows an interesting search for the message that the artist wants to convey to the user: each artist presents a work imbued with a reflection, intended as a testimony of individual and collective experience, which sees the creator relating to the external environment and society.

From painting to drawing, from graphics to installation, the choice and use of specific materials and colors become protagonists even before the finished and displayed work itself, thus creating a real source of attraction for the adult spectator. that in a moment is led to childhood, which seems to resurface in a moment thanks to small illuminated carousels or super heroes similar to real teenagers; for the youngest, on the other hand, they relive a past close to their loved ones, discovering and appreciating the simplicity of the games of the past and that recall the true authenticity of the game, understood, the latter, as an activity capable of crossing the entire path of the development of each individual.

The exhibition therefore wants to highlight the importance of play for the growth, giving life to a precious generational exchange, from the past to the present, for us, and to the future for who will come. The artists on display give us, through their works, an idea of ​​play that is no longer just functional and manual, but also concerns the emotional and psychological sphere, making it possible for the word game to acquire different meanings, also based on the mood, sensitivity or life experience.

Every man, even if he is an adult, retains a need and a pleasure to play, as even after childhood and adolescence, playful evolution tends to grow, change and walk in step with his own intellectual and psychological development, so that man can find in that reflection dictated by the game itself the way out for the most sad moments.


Il gioco riflesso
curated by Marilena Morabito | Aurelia Nicolosi | Floriana Spanò
25/09/2021 – 15/10/2021
Spazio Almareni
Via Francesco Lo Jacono 13 (PA)

Cristina Mangini_Puzzle_ 2021_ serie Around_ smalto su tela_60x60Cristina Mangini, Puzzle, 2021, serie Around, enamel on canvas, 60 x 60 cm, courtesy the artist

Simona Cavaglieri, In equilibrio, watercolor on paper, 66 x 102 cm, courtesy the artist


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