The strength to stay, solo show by Carmen Cardillo

The strength to stay, solo show by Carmen Cardillo

Nature photography, a photographic genre that focuses on nature, aims at showing the intrinsic beauty of nature itself, at it requires particular techniques and equipment. It is in this photographic genre that the new solo show by Carmen Cardillo, born in Catania in 1975, is centered. A photographer artist who realizes a lot of projects ranging over various themes and techniques, with particular attention on self-portraits and on the territory.

Carmen Cardillo, Still Remain, 2022. Frottage. Courtesy the artist

The artist’s new project, entitled “Still Remain”, curated by Aurelia Nicolosi and Roberta Guarnera, also has a peculiarity: it is divided between two different venues. It, in fact, has been inaugurated in Catania, at Kōart/Unconventional Place, on Saturday 14th January, and in Messina, at ForoGgallery, on Sunday 15th January. In the first gallery it is possible to admire the snapshots that can be found in the book published by Quaderni d’Arte Kōart/Unconventional Place with texts by Aurelia Nicolosi and Ilenia Vecchio; in the second one, we could find, instead, black and white snapshots and frottages made in 2016.

Carmen Cardillo, Still Remain, 2022. Frottage. Courtesy the artist

Cardillo, attached to her native land, through her photographic works brings out the spirituality and the bond with the Etna area and for some time now she has paid attention to the birches present on the north-eastern side of the Sicilian volcano, near the Sartorius Mountains, where an epidemic of birch groves has been going on for a decade due to environmental causes, including global warming. Thus, her snapshots, with birches as protagonists, present themselves to all intents and purposes as a tribute to these living beings, whose beauty becomes impotent in the face of what is happening around them. With their white bark these trees seem to scrutinize, observe and almost whisper. The birches, with their bright colour, their robustness and flexibility at the same time, their delicate and elegant leaves, seem to have found on Etna. A refuge discovered by this species during the last glaciation when, due to important climatic conditions, remained precisely confined on the volcano’s heights, which protects and destroys at the same time, but has became an ideal habitat for them, in which to grow roots, raise and go out.

Carmen Cardillo, Still Remain, 2020. Snapshot. Courtesy the artist

The title itself of the project, “Still Remain”, is a reference to the strength and impetuous will of these creatures, as imposing as they are fragile, capable of withstanding time and environmental disasters. In the photographs the birches and Etna interplay also thanks to the colours: black and white blend, giving life to games of light and shadow that seem to refer to life and death.


Carmen Cardillo, Still Remain
curated by Aurelia Nicolosi
14/01/2023 – 29/01/2023
Kōart/Unconventional Place
Via San Michele 28, Catania

Carmen Cardillo, Still Remain
curated by Roberta Guarnera
15/01/2023 – 30/02/2023
Foro G Gallery
via Lago Grande 43b, Ganzirri (ME)


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