Beijing opens up to contemporary art with a new hu...

Beijing opens up to contemporary art with a new hub founded by Blanc Art Group

Professionals and art lovers are aware of this: contemporary art is a constantly evolving field that requires flexibility and a fluid approach to reach new markets and an increasingly wide and heterogeneous audience of collectors. In this context, China, with its sudden economic growth over the last 20 years and its new rich class, often nicknamed “crazy Asian rich”, has become a reference market for Western galleries and operators as well.

The Blanc Art Space, owned by the art trading, handling and storage service company Blanc Art Group ltd., has been opened in Beijing last October as a response to this challenge.

Made up of two buildings – devoted respectively to antique art and contemporary art – for a total of 11,000 square metres, the Blanc Art Space is in the National Foreing Cultural Trade Base Beijing, a free trade zone directly connected to the airport that allows commercial activities and the movement of art objects at reduced or even zero rates compared to the rest of the country.

It was set up as part of the collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Beijing Municipality and aims to provide the art industry with comprehensive services as well as physical spaces to display artworks and promote art culture in China.

23 October 2021 marked the starting point of this large experimental hub that will display a programme of three to four exhibition events a year.

On the one hand, Building A1, intended for International Antique Art spaces, the exhibitions “From Ancient Maritime Trade to Modern Maritime Shipping” and “Magnificent Ripples: works by artists studying in France” opened with masterpieces by Chinese masters Zao Wu-Ki, Chu The-Chun and Wu Guangzhong, both until 23 January 2022.

On the other, in the spaces of the D7 building, a large project whose main objective is to promote the appreciation of contemporary art in China. Here on the different floors of the building there are already 14 international galleries, including Lisson Gallery, Massimo de Carlo and Chantal Crousel. They have brought works by their artists, studying site specific projects and targeted presentations to allow visitors to deepen their knowledge of each artist’s practice.

The intention of the chairman of Blanc Art Group, Deng Xiaohong, and the three young art collectors Zhang Chang, Kai Rong and Kiki Liu Linyao who founded the non-profit Dangxia Art Space, located at the sixth floor of the building, is to bring special attention to contemporary art, promote and develop global art exchanges, support young artists and document social and human development in China.

The inaugural exhibition, curated by Yang Zi, entitled “Praise the Insignificant Dwarf Planets” includes eleven works by Chinese and foreign artists, including Ariel Schlesinger, Darren Bader, DIS, He Xiangyu, Luc Tuymans Boyce, Paul Chan, Trevor Yeung, Ugo Rondinone, Wolfgang Tillmans and Zhang Ding.

“Praise the Insignificant Dwarf Planets” attempts to provide an objective and detached perspective on the various states of mind that arise when human beings as a community of destiny face the sudden alienation of their existential situation. The works of art presented question trivialities of daily life while counterbalancing broader dimensions by creating a calm and light appearance beyond its tumultuous inner tension. The exhibition will run until April 23, 2022.

The Blanc Art Space project overall demonstrates once again how the commitment and long-term vision of Chinese entrepreneurs can become fertile ground for creating a dialogue with international players in the western market and opportunities for the activation of new curatorial practices.


Opening White Space, courtesy Blanc Art Group

Liam Gillick, Esther Schipper Gallery, Space D7Liam Gillick, Esther Schipper Gallery, Courtesy Blanc Art Group

Overview, A Higher Calling, 1 floor Space, Courtesy Blanc Art Group

Overview Dangxia Art Space, Courtesy Blanc Art Group


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