Cesare Tacchi. Una casa di foglie e fogli

Cesare Tacchi. Una casa di foglie e fogli

In the Roman district of San Saba, the new exhibition space z2o project, connected to the namesake gallery z2o Sara Zanin, hosts some painting works by Cesare Tacchi. The exhibition, which has been curated by Daniela Bigi and organized with the collaboration of Archivio Cesare Tacchi, presents a mix of works produced between the eighties and nineties. A production which was born from a specific imagery of the Roman artist, intimate and related to the natural dimensions of the wood and the garden.

The works, displayed in a single room, make the visitor immerse in the archetype of the wood, a natural element that has always intrigued man. Observing the figure from behind in the work Ha nelle mani nulla, one notices how his body, covered in leaves, stands out erect against a wall, also covered in leaves, with which he interpenetrates. It is the representation of that mysterious part that every man possesses, a natural and wild inheritance, which time fascinates and, at the same, disturbs.

The scene is then flanked by other works in which the element of the leaf is investigated depending on the natural context in which it is found. In Foglioline bianche and Foglioline nere the representation follows the idea of the wood and the sinuosity of the leafy element; while in the diptych Viaggio al termine della notte the leaves take on a geometric form, in fact resembling sheets that reflect an ordered and rationalized sense of the garden.

Under the pretext of the natural theme, Cesare Tacchi’s profound reflection on the language of painting and on being an artist also comes alive among the works. In particular, in the self portrait of Magrittian memory, Il pensare tra il fare, the artist recognizes painting as the place where all faculties come together. He evokes the historical representation of beheading, but reiterates that the head, place of thought and rationality, must return to the human arms, of his body, to generate a closer connection between mind and spirit.

Sofia Zin


Cesare Tacchi, Una casa di foglie e fogli
Curated by Daniela Bigi
z20 project – via Baccio Pontelli, 16, Roma
19/02/2022 – 16/04/2022

Cesare Tacchi, Ha nelle mani nulla, 1992, cm 200 x 80. Ph. Giorgio Benni. Courtesy z20 Gallery

Cesare Tacchi, Una casa di foglie e fogli, z2o project. Ph. Giorgio Benni. Courtesy z20 Gallery


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