Exploring the boundaries between love and hatred: ...

Exploring the boundaries between love and hatred: the exhibition “HATER” at the Videoinsight Foundation in Turin

In the vast scenario of life, in which opposing forces such as Love and Hate coexist, a thin line emerges that divides these seemingly antithetical elements. Through the clear perspective of contemporary art, the Videoinsight Foundation proposes to explore and understand this dichotomy, placing at the center of its mission the promotion of psychophysical well-being through artistic expression.

Selena Leardini, “Casa dolce casa”, acrylic on canvas, 80 cm x 90 cm, courtesy Fondazione Videoinsight®

In a world increasingly permeated by violence and lack of fundamental values such as respect, kindness and gratitude, the Videoinsight Foundation has established itself as a bulwark, trying to promote awareness of the contrasts between love and hate. Videoinsight Contemporary art, a powerful vehicle of expression, becomes a crucial tool to face the challenges of our society. During Artissima 2023, the Videoinsight Foundation, located in Via Ferdinando Bonsignore 7, Turin, opened the group show “HATER”, curated by philanthropist, collector and psychotherapist Rebecca Russo, as well as President of the Foundation. The exhibition, which brings together the finalists of the second selection of the open call launched in February 2023, offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the theme of hatred inserted within the digital world. The artists Marco Abrate (Rebor), Raffaella Baldassarre, Pasquale Battaglia, Savina Capecci, Gianluca Capozzi, Marialucia Ciraci, Antonia Colella, Alessandro Dentico, Diego Dominici, Angelo Farina, Pietro Farina, Damiano Fasso, Lorenzo Gnata, Selena Leardini, Simone Marini, Silvia Raffaelli, Roberto Rossacci, Milena Sgambato, Paolo Treni, Roberta Toscano, Marta Scavone, Luca Zarattini, Raffaella Baldassarre create a visual dialogue that explores the nuances of the controversial relationship between love and hate.

Gianluca Capozzi, “Influencer”, acrylic on canvas, 2023, courtesy Fondazione Videoinsight®

The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the phenomenon of “Haters”, individuals who, masked by online anonymity, spread verbal violence and incite hatred. “HATER” not only explores the subject of cyberbullying, but actively engages in the prevention and support of victims. Through the selected artworks and the experience offered to the public, the Videoinsight Foundation aims to raise awareness, a fundamental first step for prevention and treatment. The exhibition will continue until 7 January 2024, offering a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in contemporary art as a tool to face and overcome the challenges of contemporary society.

Savina Capecci “Socials Tedium” 2023, acrylic, oil and pastel on canvas, 120 x 100 cm, courtesy Fondazione Videoinsight®

The artists, present to the public works that reflect the sensitivity and personal experiences, sometimes facing personally the negative experience. This factor contributes to return not only a tangible emotion, but also a deep sharing and an understanding of the works, leading to emancipation and the overcoming of prejudices. During the opening night, the jury decreed the winning work: this is the acrylic on canvas painting by Selena Leardini entitled “Casa dolce casa”. Inside, the work portrays a domestic environment in which a sweet-looking maiden, looks at the audience. In her hands, she holds large scissors, an element that impressed the jury for its powerful symbolism, strong and estranging, contributing to the success of the artist.

Angelo Farina, “Non ti curar di loro”, 2023, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80 cm, courtesy Fondazione Videoinsight®

Rebecca Russo, President of the Videoinsight Foundation, emphasizes the importance of art as a guide for awareness, stating that «art causes insight, awareness, inner vision, intuition, solution. Art is revolution. It belongs to human nature, it expresses basic needs, it is deep, urgent. It is circular, immortal, universal». With purity of intent, the artists approach the facets of the theme with aesthetic originality and artistic quality, thus contributing to a visual narrative that challenges and stimulates thought. ” HATER” reveals itself as a kaleidoscope of the human soul, where art becomes the enchantment that dissolves the shadows of hatred, letting love flourish in every stroke.

Carlotta Thione


AA.VV., “Hater”
3/11/2023 – 7/01/2024
a cura di Rebecca Russo
Fondazione Videoinsight®
Via Bonsignore 7, 10131, Torino


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