Italian views curated by Mino Di Vita

Italian views curated by Mino Di Vita

Mino Di Vita, from the mid-eighties, deals with photography, “portraying”, therefore, society in its different aspects with the camera, up to concentrating his interest on the connections between man and places to which he is linked.

Now, Mino Di Vita, on behalf of the Malerba Fund for Photography, in the role of curator, has invited sixteen authors to participate in the second edition of the Italian views exhibition, which will be hosted in Tokyo from 18 to 23 February 2020 in the gallery space Roonee 247 Fine Arts, specialized in photography, thanks to the long experience of President Toshi Shinoara and the director Kanako Sugimori.

The Malerba Photography Fund (based in Milan, via Monte Rosa 21), created to organize the exhibitions of the Malerba Collection, today also deals with training, organizes events, publishes photographic books, and is dedicated to the promotion of emerging authors and not, in Italy and abroad, and this exhibition and editorial project is a perfect example. As stated by Alessandro Malerba, president of the Malerba Fund for Photography, “the Italian views exhibition is part of a packed program of international events involving artists, institutions, cultural administrations and sector professionals”.

These are the authors called to participate in this year’s project: Arianna Angeloni, Maurizio Esposito, Alessandro Gallo, Matteo Garzonio, Paolo Maggiani, Gaia Magoni, Alberto Magrin, Franco Martelli Rossi, Matteo Mezzadri, Michele Molinari, Lucia Perri, Norma Picciotto, Maurizio Staffetta, Claudio Spoletini, Massimo Zampetti and Diego Zitelli.

Together, the artists present a varied production in terms of themes, techniques and styles, but ideal for telling the Japanese public a linear and original synthesis of what can be admired among the research currently developed by new Italian talents. The genres presented are the most varied and belong to the tradition of visual communication: from still life to landscape photos, from dreamlike manipulation to the theatricalization of the context, from the photo with a model posing or with a set set up to a minute narrative or with an eye to detail , from the “abstract” proposal to the contamination of languages.

Ultimately, we are not talking only of photographs, but of a large collection of sensations, introflexions and emotions able to tell the Japanese public, through a plurality of images and interconnections between them, a parallel dimension with which is possible to access the atmospheres and thoughts of each individual author. As if to say: a poetics of single chapters that in their succession become stories within a chorus that can become a sequence of pages to leaf through.


Italian views 2020
curated by Mino Di Vita
18 – 23 February 2020
Roonee 247 Fine Arts
Sato Bild4F, 17-9 Niho-bashi
Kodenma-Chuo-ku, Tokyo
under the patronage of
Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo
and Fondazione Italia Giappone di Roma

Visuali italiane ALESSANDRO GALLO_Con le migliori intenzioniAlessandro Gallo, Con le migliori intenzioni, 2018, stampa a getto d’inchiostro su carta

Matteo Mezzadri, Città minime, 2013,  stampa a getto d’inchiostro su carta cotone

Paolo Maggiani, Spectra Fire, 2013, stampa a getto d’inchiostro su carta cotone


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