Luigi Battisti: MOTIVI at 480 Site Specific

Luigi Battisti: MOTIVI at 480 Site Specific

A new space dedicated to Contemporary Art was born in Naples: 480 Site Specific. Luca Piciocchi and Gabriella Pascale are the initiators of this project, a couple in life as in art, who have been on the road to contemporaneity since the 1990s creating events inside their home.

Luigi Battisti, Motivi, 2023, installation view at 480 Site Specific, ph Fabio Foschi, courtesy 480 Site Specific, Napoli

480 Site Specific in fact is not just an exhibition space, it is a place for sharing, a place to get together, to talk and show. The conviviality typical of the home, of that seemingly private place, is the driving force behind artistic experiences such as exhibitions, happenings and installations of all kinds. The air one breathes recalls those worldly Parisian and New York evenings, or to stay on Campania soil, the events organized by Lia Rumma and Lucio Amelio. The Neapolitan couple has chosen to use their home – dislodging their collection and leaving a breathtaking view of the Neapolitan gulf with Vesuvius in the background – to generate a flow of interaction with the public that is simple and informal, in which passion and curiosity for art comfortably take hold among the guests. The artists who will preside over it will have the opportunity to create site-specific works, unpublished projects of any inspiration, free, letting themselves be inspired by a place to feel – precisely – at home.

Luigi Battisti, Motivi 2 e Motivi 4, oil on canvas, 200 x 150 cm (each), 2023, installation view at 480 Site Specific, ph Fabio Foschi, courtesy 480 Site Specific, Napoli

For the first exhibition of the new space in Via Torquato Tasso in Vomero hills, the cultural association 480 Site Specific has chosen MOTIVI by Luigi Battisti – a Roman artist born in 1957 – presenting five works made especially for Luca Piciocchi and Gabriella Pascale’s home. Between bright colors and geometries that are not always schematic, the abstraction of the works is evinced by the commonality between music and textile art that is transformed into painting. The sophistication between these two spheres is singular, but Battisti finds in them a twin gesture, namely patterns. The weave, the pattern repeated almost obsessively, the symmetry of a score, in which the sign is imbued with color and meaning. The oils on canvas exhibited refer to the typical expressions of Optical Art and New Geo, in which lines and shapes modify space, communicating something new and different each time. The artist’s intentions in the creative process are studied but at the same time fleeting and unstructured, his pragmatism following and breaking color theories and rigid patterns, calculating his gesture with aesthetic freedom.

It is with these motifs by Luigi Battisti that 480 Site Specific celebrates its birth in the Neapolitan Contemporary Art scene.



Luigi Battisti: MOTIVI
480 Site Specific
Via T. Tasso, 480, Napoli


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