A multifaceted “Tetrahedron” by artists at Otto Ga...

A multifaceted “Tetrahedron” by artists at Otto Gallery in Bologna

Different expressive languages, different artistic forms give voice to the collective exhibition “Tetraedro”, curated by Alberto Zanchetta, running until 10 January 2022 at the Otto Gallery in Bologna. The artists are: Gabriele Arruzzo, Jacopo Casadei, Umberto Chiodi, Lorenzo Conforti, CTRLZAK, Barbara De Ponti, Andrea Luzi, Fabio Marullo, Beatrice Meoni, Nero / Alessandro Neretti, Vera Portatadino, Andrea Salvatori, Studio Nucleo.

The curatorial intent was developed by retracing three types of environments characteristic of collectors and art, culture and science lovers of: Wunderkrammer, Cabinet d’Amateur and Studiolo. At the entrance to the exhibition space one comes across a real “room of wonders”, where works made of different materials are collected, positioned on supports specially designed for the exhibition, which allow the visitor to move easily between the works, thus being able to observe the details and the mastery in the craftsmanship of the materials, such as in the ceramics by Andrea Salvatori. Particularly naive, interesting and original are the works by CTRLZAK, true design objects, characterized by a refined line imbued with references to different cultures, from classical Greek to eastern to contemporary western. Nero / Alessandro Neretti, through the use of raw materials such as enameled earthenware, wood and recycled material, manages to depict a sense of estrangement and loneliness made evident thanks to the circular holes placed on representations, especially of animals. Anthropomorphic figures and complex representations unfold by observing the brass plates by Umberto Chiodi, on which they are engraved with accuracy and abundance of details, recalling the Renaissance engravings. Among the works present in the Wunderkrammer stands a wooden stool “Futurballa” by Giacomo Balla, a summary of design, refinement, geometry, movement, intrinsic characteristics of the expressive language of Futurism.

Continuing in the second room, one comes across the reconstruction of an Amateur Cabinet, where there are paintings all over the wall. The different languages ​​and the different colors characterizing the canvases interact harmoniously with each other, expressing the different points of view of the artists on art as in the works by Gabriele Arruzzo, on the relationship with nature during the passing of the seasons as in Vera Portatadino, on the study and perception of the body as in Beatrice Meoni, on the abstraction of forms and thoughts as in Jacopo Casadei. Fantastic representations between reality and imagination characterize the works by Lorenzo Conforti, while an experimental language inspired by street art that of Andrea Luzi. Everything is contemplated and observed by a “donkey”, specially loaned by a private collector for the exhibition. As indicated by Mahmoud Darwish:

“The best spectator on the world stage is the donkey
A peaceful and wise animal that affects stupidity
But he is patient and smarter than us
In the detached and calm way in which he contemplates
The unfolding of progress and history
The armies march beside him and the flags change
Like the birds painted on them
And in the meantime, he looks indifferent”.

The last room, inspired by the Renaissance Studiolo, concludes the exhibition itinerary. Here one comes across works by the Alpina collective (Barbara De Ponti and Fabio Marullo) which create that atmosphere of tranquility and introspective and personal meditation that characterized the environment. The chosen technique is drawing, through which the two artists represent in a personal and internalized way the essence of the fruit of research, or the details deriving from the study of components of a large glacier, of which they appreciate the natural peculiarities embedded therein, such as grass and vegetation. The drawings are immersed in an avio-colored background that highlights the delicate lines drawn with the white pencil and at the same time gives them a sense of metaphysical abstraction.

The presence of varied ways of expressing oneself in the field of art is accomplished, thanks to the work of artists of different generations and expressive sensitivity, who stand out, but at the same time blend within the exhibition path. The “Tetrahedron” on display highlighted the versatility of the forms and artistic contents, which despite the individual peculiarities give the whole unity and harmony.


Tetraedro. Group show
23/10/2021 10/01/2022
Otto Gallery
Via Massimo D’Azeglio, 55, 40123 Bologna
Tuesday-Saturday: 10: 30/13: 00 – 16: 00/20: 00
Sunday by appointment

Tetraedro, sala I, installation view at Otto Gallery, Bologna

CTRLZAK, Nazka, 2021, Bone China porcelain mold with decal applied, courtesy Otto Gallery, Bologna

TetraedroTetraedro, sala II, installation view at Otto Gallery, Bologna

Fabio Marullo, Sulla terra il temporale aiuterà una stella, 2021, mixed media on paper, courtesy Otto Gallery, Bologna


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