Contagion in art. The expression of artists at the...

Contagion in art. The expression of artists at the time of social lockdown

Italy, 18 May 2020 – phase 2: free everyone, but not too much. This is an important date for our country, which after the long lockdwon, forced by the Covid-19 pandemic that saw Italy on its knees under every field. Now Italy rolls up its sleeves and tries to start again with all strength, but above all without too many fears.

And what about the art world? How has it reacted all this time? How does it fight the invisible monster? Art, the tool par excellence for the dissemination and diffusion of messages and content, once again surpasses itself. It surpasses the coronavirus and tries in every way to reproduce in all ways the reality that has never been turned off and depressed, but full of trust. Art, forced to close its doors in museums and galleries, responds through social media and sees these becoming perhaps more than ever, at this moment, truly essential tools for the dissemination of the artistic product as well. Videos, photographs, articles or simple posts. Everything becomes essential to feed on art. We are hungry after two months of fasting from art seen closely and for this reason we approach social networks so as not to lose the habit of tasting a good meal (and in our case artwork!). Many private and public institutions open to these new frontiers; even many artists, individually, have made their social profiles a personal gallery of works or simple moments linked to this quarantine. In short, with the lockdown, we have not lost the habit of keeping up with art, in whatever form of expression it presents itself.

In this regard, an interesting initiative is that proposed by Points of view, a space where it is possible to share ART and beauty, so that the proceeds obtained can be a contribution to the emergency of Covid-19. The Points of view initiative was born parallel to Salotto 58, the project conceived by Marianna Santini and whose main purpose is to use domestic spaces for exhibitions by young and emerging artists. A ”home gallery”, a new identification of the traditional art gallery, where the main objective is to fill needs, cravings and spirits, rather than the space itself.

The Points of view program is to invite artists from all over the world to send an image, plus technical data, of a work created during the social lockdown; once all the works have been received, they will be subsequently selected and published on the online platform and on the Social channels. Points of view wants to make its contribution in this emergency situation thanks to the emotions and sensations of many artists, so that we can reflect, compare and support each other. The donations made for the purchase of the works will be destined to INMI L. Spallanzani (for Italy) or Medicins sans frontieres (for the world). The realization of Points of view was possible thanks to the collaboration with Cecilia Giannini and Margherita Bellinzoni and the support of Matteo Mauro and Balloon Project, media partner of the project.

The curator Marianna Santini explains: «This project was born from a need for exchange, from the desire to meet creative minds and observe the fruits of their thought in a particular moment like this. Points of View wants to be an inclusive space that offers artists and creatives the opportunity to share their works and contribute to the Covid-19 emergency. The idea is to organize, first, a large online Archive that collects and tells how the artists and creatives lived this moment and which gives the opportunity to purchase these works by devoting the entire amount to research projects and national and international health care related to the world emergency of Coronavirus. The works, however, will not be immediately delivered to the buyers but will remain in stock until the creation of an exhibition to be held in a physical space, as soon as possible, so as to create a real moment of encounter between all the actors of this solidarity action».

The goal of the project is to create a collective exhibition in October; if there are government extensions, the works will be sent or collected from November 2020.


Points of View
Tel +39 3484128631

1. Niamh Walker, Brother. Oil on canvasNiamh Walker, Brother. Oil on canvas

Charles Hartnell, In my solitude
‘’Changing city a few moments before a world bloc has significantly changed the way I think I am alone. With the whole world forced to isolate, loneliness and alienation are symptoms that everyone has experienced in recent months. As the novelty of the situation dissolves, loneliness becomes a state of daily consciousness.’’


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