ERK 14 in Pietrasanta

After a succession of artists and works, Vehicle projects (management of contemporary art) opens once again its showcase for the first exhibition of ERK 14. Beyond the glass and surrounded by lights, the Neapolitan artist brings to Lucca the first work, entitled Monolocale, of the new series of works called Room. Fourteen works that speak of snapshots, reflections, moments, stories and moods. The story develops through accumulations of objects, animals and flowers in rooms both full and empty, in disorder, rooms of the unconscious. They are objects of common use that interact with each other to symbolize the virtues and weaknesses of a liquid society, made of individualism and consumerism, where uncertainty is the only certainty.

The research of ERK 14 starts from the need to tell the dynamics of everyday life, often the result of undeclared hardships. Iconographic and iconological research on symbols through common objects associated with impulses and accidental dynamics of everyday life. Without ever providing a unique vision of his works, but through the indication of the infinite possibilities inherent in them, the artist tries to stimulate in those who look – in this case who dwells in front of the showcase – personal visions of them. The empathy between the artist and the viewer is elevated thanks to the graphic and stylistic rendering, which is impersonal, flawless and colorful.

The Showcase is an exhibition space dedicated to site-specific works and curatorial projects, created inside the Banco BPM at the Piazza del Duomo in Pietrasanta. Born from the idea of the curator Enrico Mattei to promote exhibition projects by world-famous artists with the support of equally famous galleries. It also wants to be a curatorial platform that serves as a springboard for young emerging artists looking for a career in the contemporary art system.

In this case, the Showcase not only shows us the sought-after work of ERK 14, but offers the opportunity to see a hypothetical place, a studio apartment in fact, in which to linger and think.


ERK 14, Vehicle projects: una Vetrina per un Monolocale
27/10 – 17/11 2022
curated by Enrico Mattei
Banco BPM – Palazzo Panichi
Piazza del Duomo, Pietrasanta (LU)

ERK14, Monolocale, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm, installation view at VETRINA BPM, Piazza del Duomo di Pietrasanta, powered by Vehicle Projects, photo:, courtesy the artist and Vehicle Projects


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