The “counter” Biennale of Magazzeno: P...

The “counter” Biennale of Magazzeno: Padiglione Itaglia opens in Bologna

In Bologna, on Wednesday, April 24, at the new space in Via Testoni 5/E, “Padiglione Itaglia” opened, double solo show of the most talked about and controversial artists of the Italian scene: Giulio Alvigini and Luca Rossi. MAG | Magazzeno Art Gaze, the visionary art gallery founded by Alessandra Carini in 2016 in Ravenna, has revealed its new and bold face, transferring its innovative and countercurrent spirit in the vibrant and multicultural context of Bologna. This new space is a landmark in the contemporary art scene, offering art lovers and visitors a unique and exciting experience.

From left: Giulio Alvigini, Alessandra Carini and Luca Rossi, courtesy MAG | Magazzeno Art Gaze

«It has been a team effort for us – says Alessandra Carini – Our mission is to break the established rules and conventions of Italian art. We want to destabilize the artistic landscape, challenging existing conventions and offering space to the most daring and innovative figures of the moment. The two artists I wanted to involve, I define them as “the irregulars of art” because they do not follow the rules and fashions». «My attitude – explains Giulio Alvigni – is to frame the hysteria and contradictions of the art system, without denouncing them, a bit as if I were a caricaturist». «The Pavilion – reiterates Luca Rossi – was created in order to open a path, crossed by other artists, opposing the stalemate of contemporary art, in which they are stuck in rigid and nostalgic postures».

Giulio Alvigini and Luca Rossi. “Padiglione Itaglia”, installation view at MAG | Magazzeno Art Gaze, work by Giulio Alvigini, courtesy MAG | Magazzeno Art Gaze

The title itself, “Padiglione Itaglia”, deliberately wants to distort the name of the National Pavilion opened in conjunction with the Bologna exhibition. This occasion, therefore, allowed to ride the wave of media overexposure aroused by the official Italian Pavilion, thus attracting attention in a place decentralized from the cities involved in the great melting pot of artistic events of the moment. To underline this desecrating intent, Giulio Alvigini conceived and designed a stole to be understood as a tribute to the one made famous by Chiara Ferragni, on the occasion of the Sanremo Festival 2023 and signed by Claire Fontaine, worn by the gallerist owner during the preview days of the Venetian festival. A gesture openly Cattelanian. The new space of Magazzeno, in the heart of Bologna, is not to be considered simply as an art gallery, but a complete cultural hub, enriched by a cozy bar and a bookshop, curated by Bonobolabo, renowned brand already established in the most prestigious Italian cultural institutions.

Giulio Alvigini and Luca Rossi. “Padiglione Itaglia”, installation view at MAG | Magazzeno Art Gaze, works by Luca Rossi, courtesy MAG | Magazzeno Art Gaze

In line with the tradition of Magazzeno, in the following months, numerous events will be organized, including presentations, aperitifs, dinners with artists and residences. The opening marked the beginning of an artistic journey that promises to leave an indelible mark on the cultural fabric of the city. Magazzeno Art Gaze, with its dynamic and innovative presence, is a crucial platform for the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art, offering the public the opportunity to get in touch with the most avant-garde visions and creations of the moment. The opening hours will be guaranteed from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00 (variable time), with weekly aperitifs on Friday, offering art and culture lovers a new destination in the center of Bologna.

Carlotta Thione


Giulio Alvigini and Luca Rossi. Padiglione Itaglia
24/04/2024 – 08/06/2024
curated by Alessandra Carini
MAG | Magazzeno Art Gaze
Via Testoni 5/E, Bologna


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