The desire to start ”EN PLEIN AIR” aga...

The desire to start ”EN PLEIN AIR” again

Even in such a difficult time, marked by a pandemic, which continues to affect our daily habits, there is art. Art wants to be heard. Perhaps, among the most affected sectors, that of art in these months of closures and restrictions has seen the numerous insiders reinvent themselves and encourage the public who is hungry for culture. It has not stopped and it has indeed made sure that, despite the fact that museums and places dedicated to cultural activities remained closed, art continued to make itself heard, continued to speak, sending out messages of hope and trust for tomorrow, which hopefully will be better.

At a time when it has become impossible for each of us to enjoy the ”internal” beauties that our monuments host and catapult us to the history of our past, art does not give up: think, rethink and devise! Art somehow wants to think of a path accessible to all, while continuing to follow the rules on Covid-19 and that is why in the Baroque city of Catania, on 21 December 2020, L’arte esce in strada (Art goes out into the street) an en plein air traveling group show, curated by Massimo Siragusa, organized by the Plenum Fotografia Contemporanea gallery (of which Siragusa is the artistic director) and by the Municipality of Catania, with the support as media partner of CityMap Sicilia, a path that aims to make architecture, territory and contemporary photography dialogue, without violating the current provisions issued by the government.

The works of the twelve chosen photographers (Angelo Turetta, Annette Schreyer, Camilla Borghese, Cristina Vatielli, Davide Monteleone, Lorenzo Castore, Lorenzo Cicconi Massi, Luca Campigotto, Paolo Verzone, Silvia Camporesi, Stefano De Luigi, Tommaso Bonaventura) interact with twenty-two historic buildings of Catania: Palazzo Tezzano, Roman Amphitheater, Church of S. Michele ai Minoriti, Quattro Canti, Union Circle, Basilica of S. Maria dell’Elemosina, University Palace, Palazzo S. Giuliano, Terme Achilliane, Palazzo dei Chierici, Fontana dell’Amenano, Piazza Duomo, Town Hall, Church of S. Francesco Immacolata, Palazzo Gravina, Via Crociferi, Arco S.Benedetto, Church of S. Benedetto, Monastery of S.Benedetto, Church of S.Giuliano, former Abbey of S.Giuliano .

Following the Baroque and the historical cultural aspect of the city, the shots, installed and placed in front of the buildings, still closed to the public today, aim to bring portions of the treasured heritage to the “street”, in front of everyone’s eyes, even simply during a walk. In this way the project aims to offer citizens, despite the narrowness and closures dictated by the various DPCM, the opportunity to enjoy, even if still in a small part, of the heritage that their city offers through an unprecedented and contemporary path, despite being outside, on the street, and not inside the monument itself.

The exhibition itinerary:

Palazzo Tezzano: Angelo Turetta – Roma S.Pietro
Anfiteatro Romano: Tommaso Bonaventura – Berlino, dalla serie 100DM/1
Chiesa di S.Michele ai MinoritiStefano De Luigi – dalla serie Idissey/2
Quattro Canti: Lorenzo Cicconi Massi – Paesaggi delle Marche
Palazzo Paternò Castello di Carcaci: Paolo Verzone – dalla serie cadets/2
Basilica della Collegiata: Annette Schreyer – dalla serie songs of the sirens/2
Palazzo dell’Università: Silvia Camporesi – dalla serie Atlas Italiae
Palazzo S.Giuliano: Camilla Borghese – Palazzo Biscari
Terme Achilliane: Paolo Verzone – dalla serie Cadets/1
Palazzo dei Chierici: Davide Monteleone – Turkestan, dalla serie Sinomocene
Fontana dell’Amenano: Cristina Vatielli – dalla serie donne di picasso/1
Piazza Duomo: Lorenzo Castore – Havana, Cuba
Municipio: Luca Campigotto – Hong Kong-2016
Chiesa S.Francesco Immacolata: Lorenzo Cicconi Massi – Le Donne Volanti
Palazzo Gravina: Angelo Turetta – Piramide, Roma
Via Crociferi: Lorenzo Castore – Sadhu. Manikaran, India
Arco S.Benedetto: Stefano De Luigi  – dalla serie Idissey/1
Chiesa S.Benedetto: Davide Monteleone – Great Game, dalla serie Sinomocene
Monastero S.Benedetto: Annette Schreyer – dalla serie Songs of the Sirens/1
Chiesa S.Giuliano: Cristina Vatielli – dalla serie  donne di Picasso/2
ex Badia di S.Giuliano: Luca Campigotto – Chicago 2007
Via Crociferi/ Via di S.Giuliano: Tommaso Bonaventura – Berlino, dalla serie 100DM/2


L’arte esce in strada (Art goes out into the street) outdoor exhibition in via Etnea e via Crociferi, Catania
curated by Massimo Siragusa per Plenum – Fotografia Contemporanea (via Vecchia Ognina 142/b, Catania – – tel 095-435932)
Until January, 21 2021
Media Partner: CityMapSicilia

Paolo Verzone, Lieutenant Julia Nievoll in the academy park, Theresianian military academy Austria, Wiener Neustadt, 20 October 2011

Luca Campigotto, Chicago, 2007

Stefano De Luigi, Troy (from the Idissey series), Behramkale Turkey, March 2012

L'arte esce in strada: Tommaso Bonaventura_Berlino, dalla serie 100DMTommaso Bonaventura, Berlino (from the 100DM series), 2018-2019


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