From Africa to New Delhi | Art Exhibition by Houda...

From Africa to New Delhi | Art Exhibition by Houda Bakkali

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Date(s) - 03/06/2024
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Alliance Francaise New Delhi


L’Alliance Française New Delhi is hosting Houda Bakkali’s art. From 3 June to 31 August, we can enjoy physical art, augmented reality and immersive experiences, as well as a virtual gallery where creativity and educational content on digital art and new technologies will merge.

If there is one element that characterizes digital art, it is its ability to break down spatial, temporal and generational barriers, creating synergies between different audiences and making art not only a timeless good, but also universal, accessible and understandable. This is the concept that Houda Bakkali conveys in her exhibition AF New Delhi.

“It is a great honour for me to share my art in AF New Delhi, a city full of love, warmth and kindness, colour and future, art and soul. I love India and its people. In this exhibition I bring all the passion and rhythm of Africa into the light and energy of India. The audience can enjoy some of my masterpieces inspired by Africa, such as “Africa, the Flowers of Happiness”, my award-winning series “Beautiful African Woman” and the tribute to the beauty and strength of the Arab woman who inspires the figure of my mother. The woman I have honored in my art is my mother. There is nothing more beautiful than honouring our parents. The memory of them inspires me with freedom, beauty, serenity, affection, enthusiasm, normalising the world… My art has a universal and timeless message: love for life. There is nothing more powerful. 

The most gratifying thing for me is to be able to achieve things on my own merits, which is the best of all motivations. I like what I like and I insist on it until I get it. Then I can change everything, like I change my art. I do different things, at least I try. Ambition is very important in life and perseverance is one of the principles of success. Continuity and recycling are important. In the end, they are ways of exercising creativity, resistance, control, agility, knowledge, sporting fair play… I see the world as a fencing competition between many fencers”. says Houda Bakkali.

Digital art is not a trend, it is the present and the future that has arrived decades ago to stay. Its versatility allows the creation of multidisciplinary works through different platforms that serve not only to entertain, but also to train and inform about concepts as innovative and disruptive as augmented reality or virtual environments. For this reason, these exhibitions are complemented with an informative part, open to the public, in which Bakkali describes some of these concepts.

The universal message that Houda Bakkali conveys in her art has traveled around the world, has been internationally awarded and now shines in Abu Dhabi and New Delhi where the color of her creativity and her hopeful vision of life already flood the headquarters of the French Alliances.

“My exhibitions at AF Abu Dhabi and  AF New Delhi are the continuation of a new cycle, with new people and also with those who have always been there. Both shows fill me with enthusiasm because they have been made with a lot of love, professionalism and a great desire to have fun. It is also wonderful to be in two cities as different as Abu Dhabi and New Delhi. Two destinations that I adore and where my artworks merge, enrich each other, allow me to get closer to new cultures, meet other people, participate in other debates, listen to other stories, it is a great privilege, a learning that opens the mind to the world, that humanises and generates love for life. It’s my greatest pleasure to have this opportunity at the Alliance Française, one of the most prestigious Frencg institutions, with a 140-year heritage of a magnificent, inclusive, truly diverse culture of unquestionable quality “, says Houda Bakkali.

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