Houda Bakkali, art and tech to honoring Internatio...

Houda Bakkali, art and tech to honoring International Women’s Day 2024

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Date(s) - 01/03/2024
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Digital artist Houda Bakkali releases her new series “The duality of art” to honor International Women’s Day 2024. Her new artwork interweaves illustration and digital collage with augmented reality. Her art represents women through the strength of color, rhythm and optimism. It also draws the duality of art according to the artist’s point of view.

Likewise, this series once again puts the binomial of new technologies and art in focus. Art, according to Bakkali, has new utilities and uses: “Digital art is useful to inform, train and entertain. It makes art more accessible, simpler and democratizes it. The static canvas begins to have a value beyond art, it gains new uses and a new utility capable of growing and adapting to new spaces, stories and actors. Digital art is experiences and continuity.”

“The duality of art” will be presented on different virtual and digital platforms, from March 1 to March 31, through augmented reality and also through online workshops where the creative process will be explained by the artist.

“Seeing life in a monochromatic version is an option. Seeing it in infinite colors that have not yet been invented is another option. Wanting absolutely everything, without fear of ambition. Art of turning happiness into a habit. Art as a tool for conversation, because art speaks – about beauty and love – and knows how to listen. Art floods the world with enthusiasm, capable of overcoming uncertainty. Art challenges distant and opposite worlds with creativity. Art uses the power of tenderness and the fascination of beauty as tools. Art uses kind words, the right ones. Art excites, captivates and can change everything. It is that captivating dynamism that immortalizes powerful women, those who do not need spotlights or headlines to shine. Those who believe in a hopeful future and build it. Those of the invincible force of affection and contagious enthusiasm. They turn the Mediterranean blues into celebrations of freedom. Women who flood the world with colorful ideas without justifying themselves for loving all the beautiful things in life. Women who love. Women who observe serenely, who do, who unite. Their silence is an overwhelming voice of freedom, which when heard among the noise of nothingness conquers everything.”

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