Houda Bakkali exhibits her digital art at Alliance...

Houda Bakkali exhibits her digital art at Alliance Française

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Date(s) - 12/01/2024 - 02/03/2024
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As part of its 40th anniversary, Alliance Française (Madrid) starts this 2024 with an art exhibition signed by the artist Houda Bakkali. Her colorful large-format canvases will be exhibited for 2 months. Virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive tours will be displayed to the public to discover the digital techniques used by Bakkali to create her art.

“It is an honor to share my art with Alliance Française, Madrid. Starting 2024 by exhibiting in an institution that represents the linguistic, artistic and cultural legacy of France, whose richness is unquestionable and unique, and also doing so within the framework of its 40th anniversary, is quite a privilege. My artistic career has a very close link with France, with Cannes, the city where I really began my career, with Biarritz and Paris, cities where I have had the honor of exhibiting my pieces on several occasions. France has always opened its doors to me and has been my refuge of inspiration. In this exhibition at Alliance Française I share my series “Deadly Sins”, which invites us to reflect on the society we have created through an ironic and playful vision. The masks invite the public to reflect and the digital technique invites them to play with their different versions, creating a perfect intersection between the 7 pieces.”

The exhibition is complemented by other artworks in digital version, an educational tour in which the public will approach the digital technique used by Houda Bakkali, as well as to enjoy the immersive versions of each canvas through augmented reality and expand the information about the sample in the metaverse.

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