Houda Bakkali presents her series “Monaco with He...

Houda Bakkali presents her series “Monaco with Heart”

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Date(s) - 31/01/2024
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Houda Bakkali presents her series  “Monaco with Heart”

Houda Bakkali presents “Monaco with Heart”, her new series inspired by Monaco. A work that has already been presented in different private events this past Christmas in Monte Carlo and that in 2024 the Monegasque public will be able to enjoy in different exhibitions, both virtual and physical.

“I have been working on this work for several months and I have finally been able to present it in the place where it was born and where it belongs. This series reflects my passion and my connection with Monaco. Here I presented my first work in augmented reality in the first contemporary art salon after confinement in 2020. Some of my most representative works are inspired by Monaco. And here I have exhibited on many occasions at public and private events. Monaco has been part of my career, my inspiration and my personal life since I was a child, since some of my best friends and some of the best hosts of my work are here.”

Houda Bakkali’s digital art combines different versions. The canvases come to life through augmented reality, animations and virtual spaces. At the same time, while her work uses the most avant-garde and innovative technologies. However her work respects and reflects traditional processes and techniques.

“Digital art is no longer a trend, it is a reality that is here to stay and that finds its place more and more every day. Public and private institutions are committed to the combination of new technologies and art. The public can experience the potential of digital tools in immersive exhibitions and artists see how new possibilities open up to create and display our works. In 2024 I will have the opportunity and honor to develop several projects in this regard in Monaco and bring the public closer to these new technologies through the addictive power of art. Not only with my new series “Monaco with Heart”, also through other of my most recognized works.”


“Monaco with Heart” is a trilogy that pays tribute to color, feminine beauty, the joyful spirit and the dolce vita that Monaco inspires. It is a very festive and optimistic work, based on the Mediterranean Sea, flowers, polka dots, joy and a look at a hopeful future. A life designed to be lived with harmony but also with intensity, in the purest Monegasque style, with its sunny days and nights of good friends.”

‘Il dolce far niente’ by Bakkali merges with her passion for the simplest things in life, with her ironic vision of the reality that surrounds us and with a high dose of optimism as a balm for moments of uncertainty.


From canvases to augmented reality, Bakkali’s work has its own style created through different layers and different narratives designed through digital processes.

“My creative process is complex, varied, changing. I like to work with physical material and digital illustration. The critic on canvas is one of the bases of all my works. From there I imagine or develop the stories of each piece and create them through audiovisual techniques. Augmented reality and virtual spaces allow me to invite the public to be part of my work. They create a truly unique dimension, capable of surprising and exciting people. It is a perfect complement to each of my canvases.”


If Monaco is going to be one of the artist’s main meeting points with the public in 2024, her work can also be seen and experienced in other cities.

“Monaco with Heart” will be my “fetish” work in 2024 and Monaco will be a destination to inspire  my art. But also this year I want to bring my work to other destinations in Asia, Latin America, Emirates and United States. In Europe I will inaugurate an exhibition on January 12 at Alliance Française, within the framework of its 40th anniversary. I will also be in Paris, Geneva and, of course, in Italy where I have several projects planned.”

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