L’Alliance Française Abu Dhabi hosts “Digital Art,...

L’Alliance Française Abu Dhabi hosts “Digital Art, Digital Culture” by Houda Bakkali

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Date(s) - 14/05/2024 - 31/07/2024
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L’Alliance Française Abu Dhabi hosts “Digital Art, Digital Culture” by Houda Bakkali

Houda Bakkali exhibits her artwork at L’Alliance Française Abu Dhabi until July 31. The exhibition fuses virtual spaces, multimedia pieces and augmented reality experiences.

This event features not only some of Bakkali’s most recognized masterpieces inspired by France, Italy or Monaco but also it will feature educational content about digital art, creative process and uses of art and new technologies. During three months the pieces will change and grow with new artworks and destinations inspired by France. Also with didactic and educational content on digital art and tech and physical versions and performances.

The exhibition seeks to exemplify the power of digital art to break spatial, temporal and generational borders, creating synergies between different audiences and making art not only timeless, but also universal, close and understandable.

“It is my honor to share my art and creative concept with L’Alliance Française Abu Dhabi. L’Alliance Française is synonymous with universality. Present on five continents in more than 136 countries, L’Alliance Française contributes to the preservation of French culture, creating synergies, opening itself to the world and being an indisputable reference of the impressive French cultural legacy, likewise L’Alliance Française is a reference of unity between civilizations, cultures and innovative ideas, looking to the future, creating synergies and encouraging new perspectives.

It is my greatest honor to share my art in my beloved Abu Dhabi inside this honorable institution with more than 140 years of legacy, the best representation of the French immensity. All my gratitude to the AF’s team and French Embassy in Abu Dhabi for their kindness and support from day one. Houda Bakkali comments.

About Digital Art, Digital Culture

“Digital art is not a trend, it is the present and the future. My art represents the need to tell stories through captivating and surprising environments, in which the viewer can immerse themselves, as is the case with augmented reality. It’s a way to experience a variety of sensations and emotions with my artwork. It also allows me to expand the story and give it life or several lives, as many as I want. In addition, it’s a way to create more fun and unique environments, involving the viewer in the artwork and make it grow over time with new stories, settings and characters.

“Digital Art, Digital Culture” is a part of a global project focused on creativity and tech to inform, train and entertain, creating art with different uses, explaining new concepts, sharing new ideas and creative process. Creating a universal message of hope and joy, art and creativity, without generational or physical limits. A timeless and useful message.” Bakkali says.

Bakkali’s exhibition hosted by AF Abu Dhabi is the best example of the versatility of digital art. It’s ability to share synergies with audiences around the world without borders. Through augmented reality and multimedia contents, visitors can enjoy some of Bakkali’s masterpieces inspired by Paris, Biarritz, San Remo, Monaco or Cannes, the iconic French city where Bakkali was awarded with the prestigious New Talent Award at the Artistes du Monde Festival in 2018.

About Houda Bakkali

Houda Bakkali is a Moroccan-Spanish visual artist. Her optimistic and colorful vision of life is the basis of her art, inspired by the simplest things and with a common muse, the figure of her mother, an Arab woman who left her a legacy of love for beauty and freedom. Houda Bakkali has a recognized career in digital art, she has signed some pioneers projects and exhibitions inside iconic spaces such as international airports, cultural centers or museums. Houda Bakkali has created her own style through very visual and recognizable digital creations, very much her own, her art is a fusion between tradition and the future of art based on color, joy and a look to the future full of hope.

Bakkali started her artistic career in 2008, since then her art has been exhibited in public and private events and institutions worldwide. She has signed some of the pioneering immersive and digital exhibitions in public spaces such as airports or cultural centers. She exhibited at Madrid Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas International Airport and Málaga-Costa del Sol International Airport, these solo exhibitions were the first ever events that merged mixed media large format canvases, augmented reality, immersive experiences and the Arab female figure as the protagonist in these airports. Houda Bakkali exhibited the first augmented reality canvas at the First Contemporary Art Salon in Monte-Carlo, Monaco celebrated in 2020, as well as her first immersive AR canvas in Sanremo Italy, 2020.

She developed a global and pioneering project on digital art, augmented reality, audiovisual content and virtual workshops about new technologies in 6 Civic Centers of Barcelona City Council with the Arab female figure as the protagonist. Likewise, she developed the first ever educational Web3, AR and multimedia project on Don Quixote, the most universal literary book. Her digital art has been exhibited and presented at Sanremo Museo dei fiori (Italy), Casinó di San Remo (Italy), the iconic Reial Cercle Artistic de Barcelona, L’Alliance Française and at different international art fairs and private events, among which stand out Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, the Biarritz Casino and the Biarritz Congress Palace.

For 10 years Houda Bakkali has developed an educational and informative project on communication and health, highlights the effectiveness of combining art, tech and communication to creating quality information for heath. Houda was recently awarded the prestigious American Illustration 2024 in New York for her masterpiece “Art for health”, a project on art and technology to raise awareness about breast cancer. 

Houda was honored four times with the American Illustration (New York). She won the International Motion Award (New York) and the New Talent Award at the International Festival Artists of the World in Cannes. Likewise her art was recognized by the London International Creative, the Paris Design Award, the Creative Quarterly (New York), and four times with the Graphis Silver Award (New York), among others distinctions. Likewise, she has been selected by iconic TIME magazine for its first web3 initiative. With TIME she exhibited at Dreamverse, the world’s first show of digital art and Web3 technology held in November 2021 in New York city.



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