LOVE LETTER To Marieda & Antonio

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Date(s) - 14/02/2019 - 21/02/2019
6:00 pm

Casa Museo Boschi


Casa Boschi Museum presents LOVE LETTER To Marieda & Antonio, on view from February 14th to February 21st, 2019. The whole exhibition is a Mail Art Project which consists in bringing together revisited postcards artists who joined the Mail Art international call “Text us Home” sent to the House-Museum from all around the world.

Organized by the Cultural Association Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte, the exhibit is an homage to the renowned collector spouses Marieda Di Stefano and Antonio Boschi, well known for their major contribution to Milan’s art.

Born as folk art, Mail Art is a way of spreading small works such as letters, drawings and postcards in order to create a deeper connection between sender and receiver. As Ed Plunkett once said: “Postal art probably got its start the day Cleopatra had herself wrapped in a blanket and delivered to Caesar”. Before the pony express, before e-mail even, there was good old fashioned hand delivery and people have used it for centuries to issue death threats and profess their love, among other things. As long as there has been mail, there have been people embellishing it in various ways, both physically and, more importantly, perhaps, theoretically.

On Opening day, February 14, 2019 at 6:00 pm, there will be the chance to learn more about the themes, artists and the history of Mail Art, featuring Maria Fratelli (Milan’s Case Museo Executive Director), Ruggero Maggi (Artist and Mail Art Historian), Ornella Piluso (Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte Artistic Director) and Monica Scardecchia (MAF Museo Acqua Franca Curator). To top it all off, since it will be Valentine’s Day, the chef and artist Cesare Marretti will delight us with his artistic eye candy “Auteur Chocolate”.

Artists involved:

Sabela Baña – Spagna, Donatella Baruzzi – Italia,­ Giuliana Bellini – Italia, Pedro Bericat – Spagna, Maria Alejandra Besozzi – Argentina, Giovanni Bonanno (Studio Parco Verde) – Italia, Ornella Bonomi (LellyBM) – Italia, Gianfranco Brambati – Italia, Renata Brenta – Italia, Joachim Buchholz – Germania, Annamaria Buonapace – Italia, Rosa Bussadori – Italia, Leonide Campora – Italia, Mustafa Cevat Atalay – Turchia, Colla V, Nicolas de la Cassiniere – Francia, Pilar Dominguez – Cile, Anna Evangelista – Canada, Gretel Fehr – Italia, Rossana Fiorini – Italia, Claudio Gavina -Italia, Davide Genna – Italia, Rachel Gociol – Argentina, John Held jr.– USA, Piroska Horváth – Austria, Tim Hutchings – USA, Gerard Lange – USA, Paul LeRoy Gehres Aka “King of Art” MFA -Florida, Maya Lopez Muro – Argentina, Laura Maggi – Svizzera, Ruggero Maggi – Italia, Dritan Mardodaj – Albania Anja Mattila –  Tolvanen (Finlandia), Patrick Anderson McQuoid & Maina Miletic – Irlanda, Cuore Moretti – Italia, Ramona Palmisani – Italia, Joey Patrickt – California, Edy Persichelli – Italia, , Antonella Prota Giurleo – Italia, Etta Rossi – Italia, Kia Ruffato – Italia, Manuel Ruiz Ruiz – Spagna, Felicia Salazar Quirós – Costa Rica, Francisco Sánchez Gil – Spagna, Mavi Saraò – Italia, Roberta Savolini – Italia, Maurizio Schenini – Italia, Lars Schumacher – Svizzera, Susanne Schumacher – Germania, Elena Sellerio – Italia, Raffaella Simone – Italia, Giovanni e Renata StraDA DA – Italia, Studio Pace 10 – Italia, Paul Tiililä – Finlandia, topylabrys – Italia, Giuseppe Luca Torraco, Silvia Venuti – Italia, Rosanna Veronesi – Italia, Franco Vertovez – Italia, Antonia Vittadello – Italia, Michael Wagner – Germania, Simon Warren – UK, Annadomenica Zucconi – Svizzera.

The exhibition is devised by Ornella Piluso with Monica Scardecchia as curator and is promoted by Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte. Founded in 1996 by the sculptor topylabrys, the Association seek to launch an open debate on the effects of the environment and food on people in terms of innovation and creativity.

LOVE LETTER to Marieda & Antonio. A Mail Art Project for Casa Boschi Museum.
From February 14 to February 21, 2019
Opening Day: February 14, 2019 6:00pm
Via Jan 15, Milano (M1 Lima), third floor.
Tuesday-Sunday : 2:00pm – 6:00 pm , free entry
Tel. 02 88 46 37 36

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