Flashback 2019

Traveling through time: this is the chimera that Flashback, the most contemporary fair of ancient and modern art, makes possible from seven editions, without any fear of space-time paradoxes, under the guidance and coordination of Stefania Poddighe and Ginevra Pucci. The motto of the event is inspired by the thought of the artist Gino De Dominicis, for whom “Art is all contemporary”, always speaks to the present, even when it emerges from the depths of the past.

Once you have crossed the threshold of the Pala Alpitour in Turin, open from 31 October to 3 November, visitors will be catapulted into a place out of time and space, where, among the exhibitors’ spaces – more than forty, from all over Italy and abroad -, the blind looks of De Chirico’s mannequins (proposed by Galleria dello Scudo) will be lost in the details of wooded Flemish landscapes (exhibited by Caretto & Occhinegro). There will also be works by the great Picasso (exhibited by Galerie Jean-François Cazeau) who will dialogue with Vasari (Piacenti), while W. Apolloni & Galleria del Laocoonte, whose project compares female portraits from every era, will propose the Marchesa Du Chatel de Crozat by Domenico Pellegrini, responding in this way with a seraphic air to the disturbance of La Petroleuse vainçue by Giacomo Ginotti (Frascione Arte) and to the vertigo of Libby Faux CMYK, Evan Penny’s disturbing muse (opera and author proposed by Gian Enzo Sperone).

To give shapes and colors to this new chapter of Flashback there will be Sergio Cascavilla, eclectic artist, poised between comics and design, with eight works created ad hoc and a great wall-painting (very colorful, fun, with a youthful flavor). Noteworthy, without a shadow of a doubt, is the double solo show by Eva Marisaldi and Hidetoshi Nagasawa, two apparently distant artists who meet in the universal theme of travel, and, one year after their death, the exhibition dedicated to Marco Gastini, with the story of his wandering between unusual materials and daring experiments, to the special project Opera Viva Barriera di Milano conceived by Alessandro Bulgini and edited by Christian Caliandro.

In short, a galaxy of events, performances, talks and exhibitions, including the Mariachiara Guerra flashback labs; flashback sound by Mauro Battisti and Ivan Bert; the flashback videos of the Ramingo collective; and – this year’s absolute novelty – the food and drink flashback food and wine adventure.

This year’s theme, Gli Erranti, is inspired by “The Time Wanderers”, a science fiction novel by the duo Arkadij and Boris Strugackji. The invitation that Flashback wants to give to its visitors is therefore to abandon all itinerary and prejudice, to walk along roads that have never been beaten and to wander without prejudice and without fear of error. Ultimately, after seven years, Flashback proves to be a world that continues to expand, a paradox of success, which carries forward its message of the timelessness of art, declining it into every possible variant.


Flashback 2019. L’arte è tutta contemporanea – settima edizione
31 October – 3 November 2019 h 11 – 20
Pala Alpitour, Turin
Press preview: Wednesday 30 October h 11 – 13
Preview for collectors: Wednesday 30 October 16 (by invitation only)
Vernissage: Wednesday 30 October 18 pm (by invitation only)
Free shuttle: Pala Alpitour – Oval from 31 October to 3 November 2019

Marco Gastini, Retablo, 1986 In collaborazione con Archivio GastiniMarco Gastini, Retablo, 1986. In collaborazione con Archivio Gastini

Sergio Cascavilla, Senza titolo, 2019Sergio Cascavilla, Senza titolo, 2019

Flashback 2019. L’arte è tutta contemporaneaFlashback, edizione 2018

Eva Marisaldi, Surround, 2017, exhibition view at Galleria de’ Foscherari (Bologna) Flashback exhibition, Cambiando dimora: i passi nel tempo, a cura di Michela CasavolaEva Marisaldi, Surround, 2017, exhibition view at Galleria de’ Foscherari (Bologna)
Flashback exhibition, Cambiando dimora: i passi nel tempo, a cura di Michela Casavola

Evan Penny, L. Faux: CMYK, 2001-2005, courtesy Gian Enzo Sperone (Sent, New York)Evan Penny, L. Faux: CMYK, 2001-2005, courtesy Gian Enzo Sperone (Sent, New York)

Giacomo Ginotti, La Pétroleuse vainçue, 1887 courtesy Frascione Arte (Firenze)


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