In the warp and weft, a meeting with Federica Zian...

In the warp and weft, a meeting with Federica Zianni

Federica Zianni has numerous collective and personal exhibitions to her credit. She is a true sculptor like few others around, through her research, she is tracing her path that projects her towards the future among the most interesting potential female artists. You notice immediately when an artist through the creation wants to present his/her path to the observer and, without too many words, begins to tell not so much a path to face, but the path he/she is experiencing. Federica Zianni is one of these artists: she uses simple means such as tourniquets or inner tubes and, through the weft and the warp, she weaves a story that speaks of her restlessness and all her past. She is the medium of her works, and so the public cannot possibly be deceived. The truth as a means of expression without intermediaries.

We can find ourselves in front of her works which, as a warning, are anguished, full of fear, reflection or completely fragile and accompany us to observe what is important, namely the human being, its nature. The purpose of art is not to provide a momentary rush of adrenaline but the patient construction, which lasts a lifetime, of a state of wonder and serenity that we can glimpse in the works of Federica Zianni. The interweaving, the weaving, the composition of her works is a clear reference to the artist’s culture, to her love for classical studies and books such as Plato’s Republic, in which the philosopher states that whoever is able to live alone is a god or a beast. Here, in the intertwining with the inner tubes and tourniquets there is really all the drama of coexistence, of compromise and of the renunciation of a vital space, but there are also several passages without which the work could not be feel complete.

A journey between the weft and the warp that in human nature leads back to the search for the ego but also to a search for reality so as not to forget that artifice is everywhere around us, but nature is always present and does not lie. You will find everything I have just told you about in tangible form from 3 to 26 February 2022 in Federica Zianni’s solo show PARADOXA at Manuel Zoia Gallery in Milan which tells a good part of the artist’s path that is in the making and of great perspective.


Federica Zianni. Paradoxa
3/02/2022 – 26/02/2022
curated by Alessandra Sebastiano
Manuel Zoia Gallery
Via Maroncelli 7, Milano

For all the images: Federica Zianni, Paradoxa, installation view at Manuel Zoia Gallery, Milano, credits and courtesy the artist


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