Tereza Ščerbová: artistic versatility

Tereza Ščerbová: artistic versatility

Exactly in that moment you face a talent like Tereza Ščerbová, a simple question comes up: how this artistic versatility arises?An artist with a contrasting personality. Tereza is unable to hide her shyness, that has always distinguished herself. However, when you come to visit her studio, an amazing artistic power ruffles every impression and pervades the soul. It seems like her creations could speak up. The studio is a real corner of paradise in the center of Prague, a few steps from the Vltava river. A mix of works, attempts, work in progress, all perfectly adherent the personality of the artist.

She was born in Ostrava and graduated at the University of Prague at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in 2012. Tereza has deepened her study in the field of illustrations and graphics. Her career has grown mostly around illustrations. Books, Design on the wall and a series of projects that have accompanied her after the university.

What has motivated you to start working on painting?
As I mentioned, my studies have been really complicated. The relationship with my professors has passed on me quite a negative repercussion, during the university. The real problem was that I could only see myself like the worst in class. However, I never stopped believing in what I really love. As a child I loved spending time watching paintings and admiring their style and colours. While growing up, I was lucky to always have the support of my mother and my grandmother. They never stopped supporting and encouraging me, so I started to paint and I never stopped believing it. Mainly, thanks to their strength.

Do you believe in your talent?
Honestly, I never believed I was a natural talent. Of course, the passion for something is fundamental to develop it and grow in that area. I believe I am a normal person, without any peculiar talent. My secret, if we can call it so, is working. Working, working and working. Only following this way, the results can be achieved.

Where do you get the inspiration for your work?
Inspiration is something that can be found anywhere. It depends on moments and small things. I’m painting mostly landscapes, which I admire when I go out of the Prague center and I take some time for myself. However, what I want is to try to impress feelings in the observer.

Can you better explain your last point?
I would like my art not to be a simple concept but a real atmosphere. I would like my message not to be a purely mental exchange between the observer and the creator, but an emotional exchange that goes straight to the heart of the observer and manages to involve the people 100%. This is the goal that I set for myself and that’s why I want to wait for my art to touch this point, before trying to organize an exhibition.

How would you describe your style?
I would rather not describe it. My style is in a phase of profound transformation and I can feel it every day. I am experimenting the use of oil and acrylic to create a combination that is able to express more what I want to achieve. At the moment, I prefer oil on canvas.

What allows you to be so versatile jumping from painting, to illustration and also to sculpture?
I like to express myself using different forms. The fact of expressing my art in sculpting, painting and also through illustration, allows me to open my mind to new experimentation. I create the conditions for a personal and artistic improvement at the same time. I feel I need to give space to myself. I’m also thinking about writing. I could seriously start writing, one day.

Let’s imagine you must choose between sculpture, painting and illustration. Which of these would you bring with you?
I started with illustration, but I consider painting a freer way of expressing myself. At least that is what I believe. When I paint, I take my time. Sometimes I start working, then come back after hours or even days. Sometimes in a few hours I finish my job. This is the best way to create and express myself. This is freedom.

What is your ideal environment for working?
The environment that surrounds us, right now. I do not need anything else to express myself. I could never bear to be in the spotlight, and to be judged by people. Just like it happened at the university. I decided to find a shelter from the world, where to close myself and work in peace. I need to be alone and think about my job.

Any plan for the next future?
I will keep going my experimentation around painting. When I feel that I finally found what I was looking for, I’ll try to organize an exhibition. I will try to convey what I mentioned before. In addition, I am currently working at the Emerald Hotel for a one-bedroom design project. A very interesting project that will keep me busy for a while.

Learn more about Tereza’s works:

Simone Santarelli

Tereza Ščerbová, One, oil on canvas, 95 x 85 cm

Tereza Ščerbová, Bones of the woods, wood, 100 x 50 x 40 cm

Tereza Ščerbová, Sleeping God, oil on canvas, size 140 x 100 cm

Tereza Ščerbová, Cold, oil on canvas, size 140 x 95 cm

Tereza Ščerbová, Kooki, painting on the wall, 3 x 2 m


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