La Alliance Française bets on new technologies at ...

La Alliance Française bets on new technologies at 83rd Madrid Book Fair with Houda Bakkali

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Data / Ora
Date(s) - 10/06/2024
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Feria del Libro de Madrid


La Alliance Française bets on new technologies at 83rd Madrid Book Fair with Houda Bakkali
La Alliance Française will be present on June 10 at the 83rd Madrid Book Fair with a conference by Houda Bakkali on new technologies in the cultural and artistic ecosystem. An event organized by the representation of the European Commission in Spain and La Alliance Française Madrid.
As part of its 40th anniversary, La Alliance Française Madrid continues its commitment to innovation and will bring the combination of art and new technologies to the 83rd Book Fair with Houda Bakkali’s masterclass. During the event, the public will be able to learn about the challenges and opportunities of Web3, virtual reality, augmented reality or artificial intelligence. Beyond the concepts and practical examples, attendees will be able to see and experiment with these technologies, as well as learn about their impact in preserving, enriching and universalizing the Francophone literary and cultural legacy. Digital art takes on a special role in this sense, creating narratives through interactive journeys that convey messages in different ways and through different platforms in continuous growth and change. Experience becomes the central axis of these spaces, fostering debates and creating synergies between different actors.

“New digital environments make possible to turn artistic production into the best tool to transport the viewers to the most diverse settings and bring them closer to the most recognized and also the most unknown characters. It allows us to create journeys that inform and entertain. Journeys designed to generate impact, adaptable, measurable and personalized. Above all creative and unique. Capable of starting a connection point or assuming a continuation point. The French cultural legacy is inexhaustible, as are the ways in which we can reach the audience, breaking spatial, temporal and generational barriers. Very grateful to AF Madrid for bring me the opportunity to share these concepts and the challenges they entail,” says Houda Bakkali, who began this year with a digital art exhibition at La Alliance Française Madrid and where she recently launched her project “Digital Art, Digital Culture” that will be present in different countries.
La Alliance Française is a reference for French speaking throughout the world. With more than 140 years of legacy and presence in 136 countries, its work goes beyond promoting the language and aims to disseminate culture and art in all its forms. Likewise, in 2024 La Alliance Française Madrid chairs EUNIC Madrid, a global network of national cultural institutes of the member countries of the European Union that encompass different organizations such as national cultural institutes, cultural centers, etc., whose main objective is promote intercultural understanding and dialogue between nations, strengthen cultural ties between countries and promote cultural diversity. Also bring to the public the challenges, opportunities and latest developments in technological innovation and art put at the service of cultural dissemination and preservation.

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