Balance of Ties. At Ca’ la Ghironda Sara Berti sol...

Balance of Ties. At Ca’ la Ghironda Sara Berti solo show

Until Sunday 24 October 2021 at Ca ‘la Ghironda museum – Sala delle Colonne in Ponte Ronca in Zola Predosa (Bologna) we find the personal exhibition of the artist Sara Berti, curated by Laura Martinelli and Aurelia Nicolosi and organized, in collaboration with Fund4Art under the patronage of the Municipality of Zola Predosa Department of Culture, by the Cultural Association -FM and by Ca ‘la Ghironda ModernArtMuseum, by the Hungarian Consulate in Bologna and by the ACIUER (Italian-Hungarian Cultural Association of Emilia Romagna).

Sara Berti, (1982), was born and trained in Bologna, where she first studied at the Arcangeli Art School and then sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts; in 2008 she began traveling to various cities around the world, to settle and live today in Hungary. In 2011, the artist represented Italian art at the Italian Pavilion in the World of the 54th Venice Biennale, one of the many goals achieved early on.

Berti’s works, now placed in various international private and public museums, are the result of an incessant research and growth in the creative, expressive, cultural field: her works range, from classicism to experimentation, with a variation of materials that make the sculptures of the works alive and able to dialogue with the attentive public in observing them and listen to a message which is silent to the ears, but noisy to the soul.

Over the years, thanks to numerous trips to Germany, Hungary, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, the artist manages to develop her own stylistic research by addressing ties as distant as they are close to that essence that seems to unite them: from the body to the mind, from the visible to the invisible, from ancient art to contemporary art.

The artist invites us to take a careful look at what, in our daily life, seem only differences; in reality, in any difference we can find links made of history and past, capable of creating a balance. It is therefore important to read between the lines the message that is hidden in the sculptures, paintings or mixed media works, in which the choice of materials is linked to the tradition and culture of a given place, visited and above all lived by the artist herself.

Thanks to this invitation it is therefore important for the visitor to draw, after a careful reading-investigation, symbols and references related to the story that the artist tells: in each work there is an experience, a reference linked to the past and the present and through a detail or a clear message the artist creates a balance that gives us the union between past art and present art and that makes Berti’s works the mirror on which it is clear to notice the artist’s own reflection.

In this way it is as if Berti wanted to talk to us about experiences, and things perceived and felt that allow the artist’s sensitivity to combine with the skilful use of carefully chosen techniques to send messages, at times , in code.

In more recent works, Berti dares: she disorients the observer by confusing the line that outlines a body with the background, so as to create a whole between the represented subject and the background, a game capable of creating new geometries, never heavy or too difficult to understand, since lightness and freedom of reading and interpretation are the basis of each work presented.


Sara Berti
3/10/2021 – 24/10/201
curated by Laura Martinelli and Aurelia Nicolosi
Ca’ la Ghironda – Sala delle Colonne
Via Leonardo da Vinci 19, 40069 – Ponte Ronca di Zola Predosa (Bo)

Sara Berti, Ispirazione turca, 2014, 29 x 40 cm, mixed media on paper, courtesy the artist

Sara Berti, Compianto, 2004, wood, polychrome terracotta and ash 170 x 30 x 170 cm, courtesy the artist


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