Beyond glass and beyond emptiness: Sabrina Muzi...

Beyond glass and beyond emptiness: Sabrina Muzi’s Intramondo at museo temporaneo navile

On June 5th, museo temporaneo navile “reopened the doors” to visitors, inaugurating a new exhibition format: the exhibitions will be hosted by the windows of the museum and will therefore be accessible from the outside. Designed to offer visits in safety and autonomy, this display system brings with it a series of interesting innovations. The internal rooms that housed the works are empty.

A new frontier of fruition that launches a glance into the past and avant-garde experiences of Yves Klein in Paris (Le Vide, 1958) or the futuristic vision of Robert Smithson’s Museum of the void. In both cases, the void was the protagonist and became a work free of being anything. The new MTN format involves the void, but not only. The interior is practicable and the void enhances the art that pours on the windows and approaches the visitor.

To inaugurate the reopening was Sabrina Muzi with the Intramondo project. The artist has chosen not to use the windows as a limit between the observer and the work, but to transform them into the installation itself, painting hybrid and colored figures directly on the glass. The use of tempera creates a texture that lets you see through. Thus glasses, like membranes, allow continuous exchanges between outside and inside.

The synthetic forms, both ancient and contemporary at the same time “refer to archetypes, myths, hybrid figures that come from the past and that can have – says the artist – even apotropaic value”; they are also icons of the present, essential and colorful silhouettes that are inserted as revisited signs in the urban environment.

To complete the installation, watercolors on rice paper depicting plant elements that float lightly behind the windows. “Two different techniques – says Sabrina Muzi – but which have in common the use of sign and color”.

Stained glass windows and sheets also share the dynamism, which enlivens the figures: the ever green plants seem to accompany the dance of the winged fish or the woman-snake.

Nature is on glass and paper, but also all around: visitors, as well as the trees of the park and in general the surrounding landscape, become part of the work thanks to a game of changing reflections.

In the past, the artist had already investigated nature through reflections, as in the Bestiarum photographic series created in the rooms of the Museum of Zoology in Bologna. In that case the focus was on the animal kingdom; in MTN, on the other hand, there is an all-embracing nature in its most varied forms.

The basis of the project is the need to relocate man to a position of absolute horizontality with respect to his surroundings. The artist’s holistic vision emerges on the transparent walls of the museum: the vegetable, animal and human world come together to express the spirituality inherent in all things. The concept of Intramondo is linked to the understanding of this vision. Speaking of the title of the exhibition, the artist explains “it is not possible to see the Intramondo immediately, it is necessary to pass a first level of observation, to reach something deeper. The Intramondo is an intuition “.

The solo exhibition, which can be visited until August 29, fits into this delicate historical moment, literally putting a living nature in front of everyone, despite everything. The message is therefore positive and invites to go on and on. Beyond what you see, more deeply, towards intuition.

Ornella D’Agnano


Sabrina Muzi. Intramondo
05.06. 20 – 29.08.20
mtn | Museo Temporaneo Navile
via John Cage 11/A-13/A, Bologna

Sabrina Muzi Intramondo

For all the images: Sabrina Muzi, Intramondo, 2020, exhibition view, mtn | museo temporaneo navile. Photo credit: Aurore Audiovisivi


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