We want to smuggle Venetian artworks across borders and YOUR participation in an exhibition at META FORTE!
TCC is a traveling collection and network, connecting artists transnationally.
TCC is a collection of artworks, digitally printed on silk or saved as digital files, which so far features work from various international artists. With each edition, we introduce new artists to the collection and print one of their works on silk. Two editions took place in Linz, Austria (2018) and Bristol, UK (2019).

We are now coming to Italy digging through Venetian’s creative grounds and waters.

Meta Forte is an independent space located in a suburban area of Venice called Cavallino-Treporti (VE), in the edge of a massive man-made structure called M.O.S.E. and a complex and biodiverse ecosystem; Meta Forte is a place, which is run by an open, heterogeneous and transgenerational community. It provides space for experimentation, dialogue and imagination and regularly hosts art residencies and events.


The Teriaca – a miraculous elixir made with the most unusual and rare ingredients – was thought to be the cure for all evil. Prepared in a bronze vessel, the solution contained a list of 64 ingredients, such as viper meat, opium, myrrh, incense, honey, dried deer testicles and many other strange components. Its preparation – only licenced to a few pharmacists in Venice – took the form of a public ritual highly surveyed by the Pharmacist League (Collegio dei Farmacisti) to inspect its legitimacy. Due to the complexity of the preparation, these public events became mesmerizing spectacles. Beyond the Teriaca’s use as an antidote to cure a long list of physical diseases, from viper bites to insomnia, it was also believed to be the cure for mental and spiritual conditions as well. The unauthorized production and commercialization of the substance had severe punishments, ranging from an expensive fine to even being burnt at the stake. Together we’ll embark on a journey to recreate our own Theriaca. We’ll send selected artists on a quest to find what they believe could be a remedy for the world’s current diseases. Over the course of two weeks we will regularly meet at our partner’s venue Meta Forte. There we’ll curate the existing Contraband-Collection and participate in a series of bonding practices, in order to establish a new artistic community in the territory of Venice and co-create the final exhibition’s program.
Ultimately, you’ll become part of TCC’s underground network and travelling collection.


The Contraband Collection (TCC) and Meta Forte are looking for local artists, performers, videomakers, stylists, photographers, philosophers or any other creatives. We especially encourage emerging artists, BAME and members of the LQBTQ+ community, working in any artistic discipline to apply! You should be based in Venice area and open to collaborate.


Before applying make sure you are free on the following dates:
Fr, 18.06.2021 Introduction (half day)
Sa, 19.06  Workshop #1 (full day)
Su, 20.06. Workshop #2 (full day)
21.- 25.06. Production week – drop-in-drop out – exhibition construction
Fr, 25.06. Opening
Sa, 03.07. Closing
Su, 04.07 Deconstruction
Sa,10.07. Debriefing (online)
Autumn 2021 Documentation/Connection Show at EDITION: (Linz, AUT)


Artists are invited to propose the presentation of existing artworks, or the production of new work. All kind of media are welcome (painting, sculpture, video, performance, installation..)

Please send a single PDF attachment (15MB max) that includes the following:
– Your contact details (name, surname, number, email, website..)
– Examples of previous work:
– Up to 10 images (must include title; the material / medium; the dimensions / duration; the date of production)
– Up to 2 web links to video / sound works can be sent (YouTube or Vimeo, extracts should be no longer than 10 minutes.) Include passwords for any private videos.
– An outlined proposal of work to be exhibited, including detail about its installation, technical and accessibility requirements (250 words + 3 photos max).
– Optional: If this is a proposal for new work, please also include any available visualisations, information on materials, costings, technical and venue requirements (additional 250 words max).
Applications should be submitted via email (or with weTransferlink) to:

Deadline is the 11th of June 2021!

A compensation will be granted to the 10 successful applicants!

Find out more about the project on our website:


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